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Digital and Social Media Consulting


Shel Holtz was one of the earliest adopters of digital media.

In 1985, someone visiting Shel Holtz’s office at Mattel, where he managed employee communications, saw his 1200kbps modem and asked if he was connected to a Bulletin Board Service. Shel had never heard of a BBS. His visitor logged him onto one and he saw his first message board, his first email, his first file-sharing repository. He knew instantly that communication was about to change dramatically and irrevocably. Shel began an intense study of digital media that continues to this day. He was an early advocate for the adoption of digital media, then social media. His insights are driven by his unique value proposition: He is always a step ahead of the pack and he has never been wrong about which trends, though nascent at the time, will become hugely important. (Hint: He currently is talking about chatbots and blockchain technologies, Augmented and Virtual Reality, and the Internet of Things.)

Here are some of the clients for which HC+T has provided digital
and social media consulting

Digital and Social Media Consulting Client

Digital and Social Media Consulting Services

Strategic Planning Consulting

Strategic Planning

You can chase the shiny objects. You can throw stuff against the wall and see what sticks. You can use whatever tools are your staff’s favorites or go with the “I don’t have the bandwidth for anything more than Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube” approach. Or you can work with HC+T to align your social and digital media activities with your communications goals and your company’s business plan so the effort delivers measurable results that matter to leaders.


Executive Training and Planning

HC+T has worked with executive leadership at a number of companies to help them understand digital and social media in ways that are meaningful to them. Shel has conducted workshops with leaders that combine training and planning that results in a roadmap for leaders to guide their online presence and to provide oversight to other departments that use social media tools and channels.


Communication Staff Training

HC+T has worked with a number of communication teams to bring them up to speed on digital and social media in general as well as specific tools and channels, such as podcasting and blogging, and even highly specialized topics like using Twitter for media relations.

Competency Audit

Staff Competency Audit

Producing digital and social media plans and outputs require a distinct set of skills. HC+T has counted at least 32 separate competencies that could be necessary for your team to execute against its plan. Very few companies hire communicators based on specific competencies, however. Your social media activities need to be aligned with your communications and business plan, but if your team doesn’t have the right set of skills, it’ll fall flat or fail outright. Our unique competency audit will determine which skills your team has—and at what level (entry, intermediate, or strategic)—which are missing, and how best to fill the gaps.

Social Media Crisis Planning

Social Media Crisis Planning

Social media has been the source of crises for hundreds of organizations. More traditional crises spread faster and become more dire because they spread via social media. From a communications perspective, a crisis is an unexpected situation or event that threatens the company’s income, reputation, or very existence. Effectively managing a crisis requires planning before a crisis strikes and diligent coordination once it hits. HC+T has worked with companies to develop crisis plans and has consulting during crises to minimize the impact via social media and protect the organization’s reputation.

Policy Development and Training

Social Media Policy Development

No company should take a cookie-cutter approach to developing and deploying a social media policy. You need to consider your industry, your culture and values, existing policies, regulatory issues, whether you have collective-bargaining agreements, and a variety of other matters in developing a policy. It’s also important to strike a tone that empowers employees to use social media responsibly rather than discourages them from using it at all. HC+T has helped develop a number of social media policies, and has worked helped companies communicate them effectively to employees through both face-to-face and online training.

Corporate Social Media Audit

Corporate Social Media Audit

Marketing usually is tasked with social media management in their companies while for corporate communications it is often an afterthought. Corporate audiences are no less inclined to use social media than consumers. HC+T can help strategize a social media plan to expand the reach of your message, build credibility, improve your corporate reputation, establish your company as an employer of choice, and create goodwill that can serve you well during difficult times.

Digital Footprint Review

Digital Footprint Review and Analysis

HC+T has conducted a number of reviews of corporate presence on the Web, in social media, and in the mobile space. A review can help you determine what you should be doing more of, what you need to stop doing, what needs to be fixed, and what you’re missing.