Employee communications

Employee Communications


Shel Holtz has a passion for employee communications.

Shel Holtz has nearly 40 years of internal communication experience. Shel’s first job after leaving the newspaper business was as a senior employee communications representative at ARCO. Already recognized as an early model for strategic internal communication excellence, ARCO gave Shel an unparalleled opportunity to learn from the some of the best communicators in the business. After nearly seven years at ARCO, Shel went on to manage internal communications at two Fortune 500 companies and to consult with dozens of others during two stints as a consultant at two global Human Resources consulting firms. He is also the author of “Corporate Conversations,” a primer on employee communications, about which renowned public relations leader Lou Williams said, “Holtz has done it all in this field: from execution to counsel, and it shows in this book.” Today, Shel is recognized globally as an internal communication thought leader who believes deeply that employee communication is the most important communication in which any company engages.

Here are some of the clients for which HC+T has provided internal communication consulting and audit services

HC+T Internal Communicating Consulting Clients

Internal Communication Consulting Services

Consulting Services


HC+T provides a broad range of consulting services for employee communications leaders, from one-hour phone consultations to on-site consultations. We address all aspects of internal communications, including…

  • Strategic Planning Enterprise Social Media
  • Initiative Communication
  • Internal Crisis Planning and Management
  • Measurement Planning and Execution
  • Channel Development
  • Staffing and Staffing Competency Mapping
Communication Audit Services

Internal Communications Audit

Shel Holtz and his custom-assembled teams conduct the most data-driven, comprehensive internal communication audits in the business. These thorough analyses look at communications through all channels as well as the ways informal communications move through the organization. The audits include executive interviews as well as interviews and focus groups with functional leaders, qualitative assessments with all levels of employees followed by a quantitative analysis. Clients get a series of baseline metrics they can use to assess their performance, models showing current information flows (and bottlenecks), comprehensive survey results and analysis, and detailed recommendations for addressing challenges and taking advantage of opportunities that emerge from the audit.

Communication Audit Services

Intranet Audit

If your intranet isn’t delivering the results it should, HC+T can tell you why and what you can do to transform your intranet into a communication powerhouse. Shel has worked on intranets since before the word existed. He conceived the idea of benefits enrollment on intranets—the very first self-service intranet feature—and led the project to implement it in 1994 for Adobe Systems. He helped create the first intranets for companies ranging from Bank of America to Quantum to Elf Atochem. Shel has counseled the teams behind some of the most sophisticated intranets in the world and has helped propel others to become valued resources in their companies. He is the author of the book, “The Intranet Advantage,” on of the first books to recognize the value and importance of intranets.

Influencer Network Mapping

Influencer Network Mapping

Influencer marketing is the most effective marketing tactic these days, but most internal communications departments have yet to consider it, let alone identify influencers and develop processes to activate them in support of communication objections. Internal influencers however, can deliver up to four times the reach of traditional distribution methods, along with increased credibility for your messages. HC+T will work with you to identify your trust, communication, and advice networks and develop a process by which the influencers in those networks will dramatically improve your communication results.

Communication Audit Services

Mobility Audit

How prepared are your employees and executives for the transformation to a mobile communication environment? The transition is underway in the world we live in, but many companies are tip-toeing into mobility timidly, making short-term tactical decisions rather than undertaking the transformation that will boost productivity and build engagement. HC+T’s mobility audit determines the organization’s readiness for mobility, reviews policies that will need revision to accommodate mobile devices, explores opportunities for mobility, and establishes a timetable for the transition to a mobile-first enterprise.

Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy Programs

Employee advocacy programs are helping organizations of all kinds and sizes reach consumers and prospective employees with credible, authentic messages. Internal technical experts and front-line employees are the most credible representatives of a company, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer. There is little overlap—only 8%—between a company’s social networks and employees’ networks. And employees’ networks are larger than their companies’. Advocacy programs enlist engaged employees who want to help share their company’s messages, but they must be developed and imlemented with care. HC+T has worked with some of the world’s largest organizations to develop strategic employee advocacy programs that deliver measurable results.

Communication Audit Services

Staff Digital and Social Media Competency Audit

Digital and social media require a set of competencies that are relatively new to internal communication departments. Employee communication strategies employ a range of digital and social tools and tactics that require specific competencies, yet few companies hire for these teams based on identifying candidates who bring those competencies to the table. Our customized competencies audit determines the skills that already exist among members of your team (as well as the level of those skills: entry-level, intermediate, or professional), maps the skills against your existing plans, and identifies the gaps. We also recommend approaches for filling those gaps through training, hiring, or outsourcing.