Social media primers

Social Media University, Global

That’s SMUG, for all you acronym-happy communicators. Put together by The Mayo Clinic’s social media manager, Lee Aase, SMUG is a series of online courses designed to get you up to speed on social media. Tuition is free; room and board is on you.

Social Media Training Wiki

Canada-situated Brit Dave Fleet has started a wiki that covers the basics of social media.

Jedi Training

SHIFT Communications Principal Todd Defren provides links to his own posts that that make up suggested reading for PR 2.0 tactics.

What The F**k is Social Media

An unbelievably good PowerPoint presentation

The New PR

Constantin Basturea started TheNewPR—a wiki—several years ago so communicators could share with each other resources to help them tap into new media. The site has been used for a variety of things. There are lists (executive bloggers, corporate podcasts, and the like), links to corporate blogging policies, initiatives (like the anti-astroturfing movement) and collections (such as a listing of things a company should monitor). It has become an invaluable resource.