Links shared by my Twitter followers lets you set up a newspaper-like interface so you can curate links that have been shared on Twitter or Facebook. This is my daily, links shared by people I follow on Twitter. Youo can also set these up based on lists, hashtags, individual people, RSS feeds and more. Check back daily; this changes every 24 hours based on the latest links my tweeps have posted!

Communication resources

In the course of my work, I collect a lot of good information produced by a variety of experts from across the Web. Thanks to the availability of new content curation tools—I’m partial to Storify for many of my purposes here—I’ve started collecting these resources in categories to make them available to you. I’ll add to these collections regularly. So far, I have collections in progress on the following topics:

  • New: Media companies and content strategies—Outbound marketing is less and less effective as customers—both B-to-B and B-to-C—search for and share useful content. These are articles and posts that will help you understand the notion of a content strategy and what it means to become a “media company.”
  • New: Google+ Resources—Articles and blog posts that will help you understand and make the best use of Google+, the new social network that has set tongues and keyboards wagging.
  • Blogs and podcasts—A list of what I consider to be essential reading and listening for communicators wanting to stay on top of the digital and social media space.
  • Research and statistics—I’m often asked where I got the statistics I site in various presentations. I’m sharing them here.
  • Social media primers—For those just getting into social media, introductory material can be immensely helpful. Fortunately, more than a few people have taken the time to create primers and 101 content. These are some of my favorites.
  • Employee access to social media—This is a hot-button issue for me. Companies leave growth and revenue on the table by blocking employee access to social media rather than harnessing it. This is a curated resource containing articles, posts and research that support open employee access to social media.
  • Social Media Policies—Links to collections of social media policies, guides to writing policies and worthwhile posts and articles that discuss policies and their implications.
  • Book store—I plan to add to this list of the best books I’ve read on a variety of communication topics. Consider this your one-stop shop for books on social and digital media, PR and corporate communications and other relevant topics. In addition, I’m maintaining a list of links to books reviewed on my podcast, FIR.