Curated communication news

My link blog is a regularly updated collection of news reports, studies and posts of interest to communicators, particularly those working in the digital and social spaces. The items come from the feeds I routinely scan, subscription services, and links that cross my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn streams. I use this link blog to select items for coverage in my podcast and my weekly Friday Wrap, but you’re welcome to follow it on Tumblr in order to catch everything I add to the collection.

Links From Shel

Links shared by my Twitter followers lets you set up a newspaper-like interface so you can curate links that have been shared on Twitter or Facebook. This is my daily, links shared by people I follow on Twitter. Youo can also set these up based on lists, hashtags, individual people, RSS feeds and more. Check back daily; this changes every 24 hours based on the latest links my tweeps have posted!