Toyota offers cell phone-only event programming

On “For Immediate Release” yesterday, I reported on results of a study that focus on the increased use of mobile telephones for activities other than phone calls. Consumers use an average of 4.8 features on their handsets, ranging from text messaging (the most dominant use) to software downloads, coupon retrieval, and alert services. My point was the companies ignore mobile phones as a communication channel at their peril. (It has been evident for years that Internet-based services were poised to escape the confines of the computer and migrate to other devices.)

Toyota is one company that has gotten the message. In a ClickZ articleRead More »

WiFi: A conference requirement

Last week, one comment kept recurring at Lawrence Ragan Communications’ annual Web Content Management conference in Chicago: “Why don’t they have WiFi?”

The conference was held at the ancient Knickerbocker hotel, where in-room broadband ran $9.95 a night. (The day is coming when hotel-wide WiFi will be free.) You even had to pay, I was told, when connecting to the WiFi in the lobby. And although the ballroom where the conference was held was just off the lobby, the signal didn’t reach that far. Thus, a number of attendees who would have liked to blog the conference were frustrated in their efforts.

Blogging the conference would have… Read More »

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