IABC’s CW Bulletin devotes an issue to PR and Wikipedia

CW Bulletin Wikipedia IssueIn the beginning, there was CREWE.

Corporate Representatives for Ethical Wikipedia Engagement is a closed Facebook group dedicated to a thoughtful, high-level discussion among organizational communicators and Wikipedia editors—known as Wikipedians. The goal is to find common ground between these often-adversarial groups’ efforts to ensure accuracyin Wikipedia business entries. The robust discussion has produced several documents, including a flow chart clarifying the process communicators should follow when seeking to correct an entry in which they have a conflict of interest.

Communication associations have also stepped up their… Read More »

H&K’s time-lapse video of Wikipedia Flight 1549 entry

Brendan Hodgson, Hill & Knowlton’s national practice leader (Canada) and reputation management authority, and UK-based H&K digital authority Niall Cook put together a video showing the 176 edits to Wikipedia’s page on US Airways Flight 1549 that took place over a mere 90 minutes. A fascinating glimpse into the way the community collaborates to provide a record of events, along with the negotiations over how the information will be presented. Hat tip to David Jones, also of H&K Canada.

Research brief links engagement, business improvement to internal use of Web 2.0

The value of enabling social media for employees, both inside and outside the firewall, keeps getting reinforced by study after study, yet organizations continue to block access to external sources while resisting internal implementation citing excuses ranging from bandwidth and storage limitations to fears of diminished worker productivity.

Aberdeen Group has produced another study the naysayers can ignore. Focused on talent management and employee engagement, the research brief links the use of Web 2.0 to higher levels of engagement and better company performance.

The linkage doesn’t prove that Web 2.0 was directly responsible for… Read More »

Who you gonna call? Expert or amateur?

I’m on a real “new media doesn’t kill old media” kick this week.

There has been a lot of interesting commentary in the wake of Encyclopaedia Britannica’s announcement last week. (Disclosure: Britannica has been a client.) In case you missed it, Britannica is broadening its collaborative features, allowing both experts and readers to contribute content without diminishing the authoritative, edited content at the core of its offerings.

One post I read has had me thinking about the issue of experts versus the crowd. Tim Bulkeley, writing in Sansblogue, says…

This reads to me dangerously like the tyranny of “experts” that every…

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JotSpot is back as Google Sites; should Microsoft worry?

I’m in the process of preparing a press release (both conventional and social media versions) that needs input from a few organizations as well as some individuals who aren’t affiliated with these organizations. Rather than attach a Word document to an email, I set up a secure one-page wiki at PBwiki, where each of the players is able to jump in and revise to their heart’s content, each one seeing what the previous one has done.

That was yesterday. If I had set up the wiki today, I probably would have done it at Google Sites.

That’s not a slam at PBwiki, which offers a terrific service. But Google Sites, which launches today, is the… Read More »

GM’s collaborative history project

There is no limit to the uses to which companies can put social media, but companies have to be willing to experiment in order to discover those uses. A lot of companies are reluctant, for one reason or another, to undertake such experimentation. (See my post on why companies resist social media for elaboration.) General Motors is not one of them.

imageTomorrow, GM will go public with a wiki that has been available to employees for a while—the “Generations of GM Wiki.” (The link won’t work until February 7.) The wiki—part of the overall GMnext initiative—is a collaborative effort aimed at compiling the 100-year-old company’s history through… Read More »

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