Friday Wrap #56: Online video news, the return of the company website, digital impact on newsrooms

Friday Wrap
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The volume of news of interest to PR and marketing professionals this past week was impressive, and a lot of the stories you may have missed focused on the growing importance of video. Thus, video dominates much of the reporting in this week’s Wrap. Be sure to scroll through all the stories I tagged to consider including in the Wrap; I archive them on my link blog at

Bringing fans into your videos

A lot of the material I tagged this week has to do with video, and there’s a consistent theme running through it: the role of your customers—including fans and influencers—in boosting your videos’… Read More »

In the era of pageview journalism, the pitch doesn’t end when the story is published

Pageview Journalism

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Earning coverage in the mainstream press is harder than ever for two reasons.

First is the reduced opportunity for coverage. By 2010, newsrooms had 30% less staff than they had at the turn of the century. The reporter who used to cover your company is gone; now there’s a reporter who covers your industry, or several industries. He has less time for you and your pitch. Newspapers have fewer pages than before. A 2008 study showed that 34% of newspapers had reduced business coverage; only 17% had increased it. High-priced veteran reporters are being replaced with younger tech-savvy journalists who have no long-standing… Read More »

Zeen aims to make it easy to publish great web magazines (and other content)

Zeen logoI’ve been playing with the beta of Zeen, the new social publishing platform from YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. Communicators, take note. This could evolve in short order into a service worthy of your attention.

At first glance, Zeen looks like yet another content curation site. It takes only a few minutes creating a zeen to realize it’s more than that. It’s a web publishing tool, making it easy to create visually appealing e-magazines, ebooks, scrapbooks, guides, manuals and a host of other formats, incorporating your own narrative and digital assets while also adding videos, images and words from others to your work.

Edit a zeen pageRead More »

Communicators need to get familiar with HTML5

Update: This is a four-year-old post and things have changed in the HTML5 world. The post offers an HTML cheat sheet, but there’s a new (and accurate) one here. Thanks to Tadeusz Szewczyk for sharing it with me, so I could share it with you.

HTML5You have a smartphone and/or a tablet and you’ve loaded it with apps. There’s a whole economy emerging around app development, most of which are built specifically for an operating system, mainly iOS for Apple products, Android and Windows. But a shift away from these “native” apps is inevitable. That shift will increasingly involve the use of HTML5. And just as we communicators—once skeptical that… Read More »

Dear hotel industry: The time for free hotel-wide WiFi has come

It was around 11 p.m. when I arrived at the Delta Hotel in Regina, Saskatchewan. It had been a long day: a full-day workshop in Saskatoon followed by the trip to Regina. By car, it’s only about a 2-1/2-hour drive. But I was flying Air Canada, which required a connection in Calgary, so I was tired and a bit cranky when I got to the hotel.

But I brightened up considerably when I saw this sign on the hotel’s front desk:

Delta Hotels Free WiFi

I was so happy to see this, in fact, that I shared it Instagram picture, which prompted a few notes from folks, notably this one from Kim Bratanata, a communicator with SWIFT in Belgium:

Kim Bratanata tweet

For someone looking at hotel… Read More »

Mobile search: The paradigm is shifting beneath our feet

Paradigm shift is one of those phrases so embraced by business that it eventually lost all meaning, ultimately becoming just another option on a Bullshit Bingo player card. Like most corporate jargon, though, it had its origins in a valid concept. A paradigm shift is a change in fundamental assumptions shared by the members of a community.

Watchmaking is the classic example of a paradigm shift. For decades, the Swiss dominated the field; with 65% of the world watch market and an unsurpassed reputation, the Swiss stood alone at the pinnacle of the field. With the advent of the digital watch, however, the Swiss saw its market share… Read More »

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