Is your site optimized for pinning?

The proliferation of Pinterest-like sites tells me that Pinterest has tapped into something basic, a desire to share images more easily and with more focused purpose than the traditional photo-sharing sites. Since Pinterest has become the social service du jour, a number of other sites that duplicate the fundamental idea—collections of large easy-to-share images—have sprung up.

I’m regularly directed to Gentlemint, described as “Pinterest for men,” despite the fact that a growing number of men now have a Pinterest presence. Chill is a video bookmarking site that lets you create pinboard-like views of the videos you want to share; a… Read More »

It’s time for the PR profession to join the opposition to SOPA and PIPA

Reddit WarriorEarlier today, U.S. House of Representatives Majority Leader Eric Cantor shelved the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), leading many to think the legislation is dead. It can, however, be ressurrected at any time. Meanwhile, its Senate counterpart, PIPA, is still very much alive even as support for it declines.

Despite the fact that the House won’t vote on the bill, Wikipedia and Reddit are among those that plan to go ahead with site blackouts on Wednesday, January 18, designed to raise awareness of the damage SOPA and PIPA could do.

I haven’t heard of a single public relations agency or association planning to join the blackout or even… Read More »

Zappos sticks to its values in communicating customer database breach

Zappos is a social media darling. The company’s adoption of Twitter, its encouragement of employees to engage online openly during work and CEO Tony Hsieh’s commitment to social channels are all trotted out regularly in articles, books and talks. I’m as gung-ho on Zappos’ use of social media as anybody.

One test remained, however. All of Zappos’ social activities have so far been employed in pursuit of brand building and reputation by linking those activities to the company’s customer service-focused values. But how would the company do when faced with something negative, bad publicity if not an outright crisis?

By midday today, it’s… Read More »

Welcome to the new HC+T website

It took 11 months from concept to launch, but a completely revised Holtz Communication + Technology website is now live.

Well, that’s obvious, right? You’re looking at it.

The completely new elements of the site are the Resources and Coordinates sections.

Coordinates contains is one-stop shopping for just about everything I’m doing online.

  • In the “Follow” box you’ll find links to my key social channels (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • All my various sharing accounts (like Flickr, Slideshare and YouTube) along with places I have one kind of presence or another (like Empire Avenue, Delicious, Qik, uStream, and CinchCast)
  • My latest… Read More »

All the kings are dead. Long live the ecosystem.

imageThere’s an uprising taking place in the kingdom. Whoever the monarch may be, there are insurgents who would topple the throne and assume power. The ruler has it all wrong, and if only the insurgent could take charge and assert his view, peace and prosperity will reign throughout the kingdom.

It’s good to be king, we keep hearing, so everybody wants to be king:

  • Content should be king.
  • Context should be king.
  • Relationships should be king.
  • Curation should be king.
  • Search should be king.

The power struggle is enormous. It consumes blog posts, panel discussions, journal articles, hallway conversations. One blogger even devised a poll in… Read More »

Delicious replacements aren’t

A few years ago, I was working with the communication staff of a city’s travel-and-tourism organization. One of the marketers on the staff had been assigned outreach to the Hispanic travel community, but hadn’t been able to find much through Google and other search tools.

I pointed her to Delicious and had her plug her search terms in. The treasure trove of content that resulted made her jaw drop. Not only did she find Hispanic travel links, but she found a couple people who routinely added new related pages, so she subscribed to the RSS feeds for their bookmarks related to the theme.

As Jon Udell points out, we’d lose more than the… Read More »

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