Is “above the fold” design dead?

A newspaper in a rack displaying only the content above the foldConventional wisdom among designers led to most early websites contained in a horizontal rectangle that required no scrolling. Employing an old newspaper concept, designers resisted putting any content “below the fold,” or beyond the bottom of the visible browser window, since readers didn’t scroll. If you wanted your content to be seen, it needed to be above the fold.

There is a growing consensus that those days are over. The once-valid reasons for keeping content on a single screen and using hyperlinks to reveal deeper layers of content are no longer much of a concern.

There are still below-the-fold issues to keep in mind. Web… Read More »

Friday Wrap #128: Webcams hacked, pay via Snapchat, Pinterest mans up, confidence trumps reputation

Friday Wrap for 11-21-14Welcome to the Friday Wrap, my weekly summary of stuff I have found in the last seven days that didn’t grab the big headlines but is still important, interesting, and/or worthwhile for communicators and marketers. I collect these on my link blog, which you’re welcome to follow.


Your private webcam isn’t so private—Leveraging a vulnerability in private webcams—the fact that a lot of people don’t reset the default password—a Russian website is streaming the video from thousands of such cameras from around the world. A lot of the cameras affected are functioning inside homes and businesses. While security is the main reason many… Read More »

FIR Interview: developers Mark Silverman and Amy Haiar from Critical Mass

The websites of most musicians adhere a highly predictable template. There’s a bio, a page hosting some music, another with photos and video, a tour schedule, and a merchandise store. In developing the recently launched Jerry Garcia website, the team at global digital agency Critical Mass were anxious not only to explode the traditional artist’s site, but to take the website experience to a whole new level.

The site is a wonderland of content for fans of the iconic Grateful Dead front man, as well as a place to share their own experiences and content, and connect with friends…all within the site without reliance on third-party… Read More »

Friday Wrap #92: Millennials trust user-generated content, Wikipedia may loosen paid advocate rules

Friday Wrap 92The Friday Wrap is my weekly review of news items and posts that caught my attention. It’s not a look at the big digital and social news of the week; I figure you’ve already seen that stuff elsewhere. As I see these items, I save them to my Tumblr link blog; on Friday morning, I choose from the collection the items that appear here. Please feel free to follow the blog to stay on top of all these items I believe are useful for communicators to know.

Above the fold

Content marketers trying to reach the increasingly influential and valuable millennial market, listen up: people born between 1977 and 1997 trust user-generated content 50%… Read More »

The destination website, reborn

In 2009, Edelman’s Chief Content Officer, Steve Rubel, declared, “After years of erosion, it now it appears the destination web era is drawing to a close.” Rubel was right and had the numbers to prove it. Between social networks and places where the former audience could become content creators, hotfooting it to cool websites became uninteresting.

Since then, the nature of engagement has solidified: It occurs with likes, plus-ones, comments, shares and sometimes one-through-five-star ratings. Now, After years of liking this and sharing that—on computers, tablets and smartphones—the way we engage is starting to feel as old as visiting a… Read More »

Friday Wrap #61: Erasing history, Instagram fashion reveal, social business progress, social farmers

Friday Wrap #61
Image (c) CanStock Photo
You have undoubtedly already heard about Facebook, which is suddenly a darling among investors again as its mobile advertising platform has taken off, stoking profits more in line with the market’s expectations when the company first went public. Data reveals that Facebook is beating out niche sites for local searches, and the number of mobile users in the U.S. and the U.K. jumped 20 percent last month alone. But while Facebook was basking in the limelight, other news was reported that may have slipped by unnoticed. The Friday Wrap is a rundown of some of those stories that I found particularly interesting. You… Read More »

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