You know what would be great? Some infographics.

the visual display of quantitative information
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There’s so much content crossing my feeds these days, I would welcome anything that might save me time while helping me grasp complex quantitative information. I wish more organizations would adopt infographics as a way to provide that ability to comprehend what data means in a glance.

What’s that you say? We’re swimming in oceans of infographics?

Not so, and the fact that just about everyone calls them infographics doesn’t make it so.

An infographic is (to borrow the book title from infographic master Edward Tufte) the visual display of quantitative information. On the very first page of the very first… Read More »

Instagram emerges as an advocacy platform in the Chick-fil-a controversy

#chickfila on InstagramIn a tweet earlier today, Southeastern University PR professor Barbara Nixon pointed out that more than 50,000 images turned up on Instagram bearing the hashtag #chickfila. By the time I looked a few hours later, that number had surged to more than 62,500. (I grabbed the image at left a short time before I last checked.)

Fascinated by this, I searched for any commentary by news organizations or the blogosphere about the phenomenon. I found nothing. The use of visual imagery to convey an idea is a trend communicators can’t ignore, and you’ll find plenty of posts and articles about using Instagram and Pinterest for marketing, including… Read More »

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