Friday Wrap #165: Ripple effect on reputation, VR shipments to skyrocket, GIFs for communication

Wrapped buildings on Parliament Hill
Image of Ottawa’s Parliament Hill (West Block) undergoing
renovation courtesy of Michael Pardo
The Friday Wrap is my weekly collection of news stories, posts, studies, and reports designed to help organizational communicators stay current on the trends and technology that affect their jobs. These may be items that flew under the radar while other stories grabbed big headlines. As always, I collect material from which I select Wrap stories (as well as stories to report on the For Immediate Release podcast) on my link blog, which you’re welcome to follow.


Airlines look to their reputations in wake of Cecil the Lion outrage—How do… Read More »

Who will be first with Virtual Reality B-roll?

Google CardboardWhich company or agency will be the first to include Virtual Reality files as part of a PR pitch?

Journalists today are jonesing for videos and images. Editors increasingly instruct reporters not even to submit articles if they don’t have video or artwork. It’s the rare pitch that includes images and video; it’s also the rare media site that includes a video gallery (including B-roll) or an image gallery.

In a couple years, it’s likely we’ll add Virtual Reality (VR) to the list of assets that will increase the odds of a successful pitch. The idea of producing VR B-roll may induce guffaws and eye-rolls today, but marketers and… Read More »

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