Lee, isn’t this better?

Lee Hopkins’ first video blog has been on my list of things to view, but I just got around to it today after hearing Bryan Person say it inspired him to produce one of his own. So I toddled on over to Lee’s blog, only to find that I had to download the damn thing. Lee, mate, there’s a better way!

It took me about 15 minutes to produce this using the download, including converting Lee’s AVI file to FLV.

Washington Post invites co-created video

This could be loads of fun.

The Washington Post has launched a consumer participation activity that starts with a video of political reporter Dana Milbank asking questions. You’re invited to download the video and, using your own software, insert your own answers. (The premise: You’re a candidate in an election that’s a week away.) The questions themselves are fun to watch, but it’ll be entertaining as hell to see what people come up with.

Shel Holtz

It’s not a contest, exactly, since there’s no judging and no winners. In fact, the Post says it’ll continue to upload new videos for as long as people continue to submit them. Viewers will rate and… Read More »

Online video will continue to grow

My first corporate job—in the mid-1970s working in employee communications for ARCO—was a revelation. After working in newspapers for a couple years with their limited resources, seeing the tools available to a Fortune 20 company was enough to make you drool. For example, ARCO had a complete video studio. Later, the studio was abandoned as it became easier to outsource video work. But now, as video becomes more and more common on the web, you have to wonder when companies will begin beefing up their in-house video production capabilities.

A study from In-Stat (reported by ClickZ Stats), indicates consumption of online video is just… Read More »

Video: Recording a Skype call with a “mix-minus” setup

I’ve been wanting to produce a short video so I can use the Click.TV service. I’m working on the launch of Click.TV as a blogger relations coordinator, but I figure if I’m evangelizing the product, I damn well ought to use it. But I’m no video producer and couldn’t figure out what I could use as a video. Last year’s vacation? My mom may want to watch that; you certainly don’t!

Then, last week, I got yet another request for details on how I record a Skype call without the person on the other end of the line hearing his or her voice echo back at them. I’ve written up this detailed explanation several times (I know, I know; I should save… Read More »

Rocketboom debuts its ad

Funny, isn’t it, that the blogosphere was abuzz when Rocketboom auctioned an ad, but barely a whisper was heard yesterday when the ad debuted at the end of the normal Monday segment. More attention should be paid.

This whole social computing phenomenon is gradually, glacially changing the face of communications, covering the spectrum of advertising, marketing, and public relations, along with all their sub-classes (like investor relations and employee communications). Steve Rubel reported yesterday on a Forrester report on social computing that reached this conclusion:

To thrive in an era of Social Computing, companies must abandon…

Read More »

Firefox extension brings file-sharing to browser

There are a lot of ways to share files. You can email them. You can upload them to services like Flickr or YouTube. You can use software like FolderShare (recently acquired by Microsoft). But if AllPeers turns out to be more than just vaporware, it could not only revolutionize the way people share pictures and videos, it could motivate the next big surge of Internet Explorer-to-Firefox conversions.

According to its website—which has been the source of considerable buzz in the blogosphere over the last few days—the extension will use peer-to-peer technology to allow you to share selected files with people you choose using nothing more… Read More »

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