Three signs of change

The end of the year brings three profound examples of the mainstreaming of social media.

First, there’s the Frozen Pea Fund and all related conversation around Susan Reynolds’ battle with breast cancer. Thousands of dollars have been raised through ad hoc campaign that cost essentially nothing, based on a connection made with people who had never met Susan personally. The grass roots campaign involved blogs, Twitter, Flickr, Seesmic and heaven knows how many other social media channels. Absent so far: mainstream media. (Chris Brogan has written great summary of the whole effort, which Neville and I will cover on Monday’s FIR.

Shel Holtz
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Newspaper goes Twitter

A local newspaper has integrated Twitter into its news offerings, according to an article today in The Nashua Telegraph (New Hampshire, USA) has created a section of its website for breaking news; the news items are fed directly to a Telegraph Twitter stream with links (TinyURLs, of course) to a mobile version of the newspaper’s website.

A current look at the newspaper’s tweets shows weather information (including school and airport information), along with news about a local murder trial and other information that could be important to local residents:

Nashua Telegraph

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Work on transparency book is underway

I’ve been wanting to make this official for some time, but now that the contracts are signed, I can let the cat out of the bag. I’m excited to be co-authoring a new book on the role of communications in promoting business transparency. I’m even more thrilled to be co-writing the book with John C. Havens, lead organizer for PodCampNYC, VP of Business Development for BlogTalkRadio and a well-known figure in the world of social media.

The book is tentatively titled “Media 2.Open: Tactics for Transparency.” It will be published by Jossey-Bass, a John Wiley & Sons imprint, as part of the series of books Jossey-Bass is publishing with the… Read More »

Jott does just what it says it will

imageAt the recommendation of my friend Pete Shinbach, I’ve been playing with Jott, a new online service currently in public beta. So far, I love this service both for its simplicity and the fact that it meets a real need.

Once you have an account, which synchs with your cell phone number, you set up lists of people with whom you want to communicate. Let’s say you work for a department that meets each Tuesday at 8 a.m., but you’re stuck in traffic. Call Jott and record a message saying, “I’m late, but start the meeting without me.” That message will be transcribed and sent as a text message and/or email to the other members of the… Read More »

MSM live blogging via Twitter

I’ve seen some live blogging via Twitter, folks at conferences commenting on what the speakers are saying. But plans by the executive producer of a new Fox TV series to Twitter updates during the premier of “Drive” may be the first such use of the channel by a mainstream media outlet. Greg Yaitanes, who also directed the first episode of the action-adventure series, says in a tweet, “Gonna be twittering for the east coast from fox lot and then over to Nathan’s house for a premiere party/live twitter commentary - tune in!” (Nathan is Nathan Fillion, star of the series as well as the lead in the late, great “Firefly.”)

Fox’s website even… Read More »

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