Dell launches Digital Nomads, including a post by yours truly

imageDell is out with a new blog they created just for me.

No, not really, but given the six months I spend on the road each year, adding Digital Nomads to my feeds was a no-brainer. There’s more to Digital Nomads than a blog, however; Dell is aiming to create a community of hardcore travelers who have embraced digital technology as an integral part of their travel toolkits. There are groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as Twitter and YouTube.

A while back, Dell’s Richard Binhammer (known far and wide as RichardatDELL) asked if I could write something for Dell’s Your Blog about my use of technology on the road. It took a while, but… Read More »

Newspapers cover murder trial via Twitter

More than three years ago, in North Idaho, three bodies were discovered in a home. The subsequent search for two other children missing from the house ended a couple weeks later, on July 2, 2005, when Shasta Groene, then 8 years old, was found at a restaurant in Coeur D’Alene in the company of a convicted sex offender named Joseph Edward Duncan III. Shasta’s brother, Dylan, was found dead soon after at a remote campsite in Montana.

While news of Duncan’s trial, which is just underway, isn’t grabbing national attention, the proceedings are of intense interest to those who live in the region, which covers not only Idaho but parts of… Read More »

What do you call a Twitter tease? Tweeteze? Tweeze?

Southwest Airlines has worked hard to understand the dynamics of social media and how to apply new communication channels and models to its business. And the company learns from its earlier efforts.

Southwest recently used Twitter to tease an announcement. It’s not the first time. An earlier tease fell flat when the payoff featured the introduction of new energy drinks to the airline’s inflight service. The tease on August 7, however, had a better payoff.


The tweet-tease (say it fast: “tweeteze”) read, “Twitter followers should know first! Big announcement on in about an hour….consider yourselves… Read More »

ExxonMobil situation shows “brandjacking” is for real

ExxonMobil’s experience in the Twittersphere should serve as a wake-up call for organizations dragging their feet when it comes to paying attention to the social media space. It took only three days from the first time a tweet appeared from a Twitter account called ExxonMobilCorp to capture the attention of mainstream media and investment analysts.

Shel Holtz

This interest in ExxonMobil’s participation in the conversation was certainly amplified by recent coverage of Comcast’s ComcastCares activities on Twitter, including feature articles in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post. Suddenly, any company engaging customers… Read More »

Finally, an IABC chair dives into social media

Participation in social media has been hit-and-miss among the last several IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) chairs. Even with an existing chair’s blog available to them, eliminating the chore of starting a new blog from scratch, IABC’s president, Julie Freeman, has been more likely to post items than the chairs.

(Not that 16,000-strong membershipship has been clamoring to read a chair’s blog, mind you.)

imageThings are different for the 2008-09 term, though. London-based Barbara Gibson has bypassed the default chair’s blog and opened her own using IABC’s eXchange site. “Connecting the I’s” refers to the four “I’s”… Read More »

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