Finally, an IABC chair dives into social media

Participation in social media has been hit-and-miss among the last several IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) chairs. Even with an existing chair’s blog available to them, eliminating the chore of starting a new blog from scratch, IABC’s president, Julie Freeman, has been more likely to post items than the chairs.

(Not that 16,000-strong membershipship has been clamoring to read a chair’s blog, mind you.)

imageThings are different for the 2008-09 term, though. London-based Barbara Gibson has bypassed the default chair’s blog and opened her own using IABC’s eXchange site. “Connecting the I’s” refers to the four “I’s”… Read More »

Beyond pitching: Twitter, reputation, and what PR really does

Biz Stone, Twitter’s co-founder and creative director, makes an interesting statement in his post defending the micro-blogging service against charges of refusing to enforce its own terms of service:

Twitter is 16 employees made up of systems engineers and operators, product designers, and support specialists. We do not employ public relations professionals. This accusation caught us by surprise, putting us on the defensive in the middle of what continues to be a very busy work week.

So, Biz: You think maybe it’s time to think about getting some PR help?

(For a recap of the issue, in case you’re not up to speed, try this, this, and… Read More »

Two new approaches to tracking the conversation

My IABC friend and occasional FIR commenter Kris Gallagher, who works in communications at DePaul University, sent along a link to a new service called Darren Stuart created the site out of a desire to view the Twitter status of the members of a group he assembled. (Stuart is referring to their current status, not their standing in the group.)

Stuart has created an initial crowd that includes several well-known residents of the social media space, all collected in one place.

Shel Holtz

I can see some use to CrowdStatus. I could put IABC members in one group, people who post great links in another, and SNCR fellows in yet… Read More »

Comcast brings customer service to Twitter

Scott Monty mentioned in an email to me that Comcast has launched a customer service initiative on Twitter. Dubbed “Comcast Cares,” it seems that the effort is aimed at finding people who are tweeting their complaints about Comcast and offering to help. Whoever is leading the effort then engages in conversations with those to whom she or he is reaching out.

Reviewing the 21 pages of tweets from Comcast going back to April 6 reveals a long list of replies to individuals:

Shel Holtz

As with any company, the words need to be backed up with action, but if Comcast has taken a page from the Dell playbook, this could be an outstanding example of… Read More »

Geoffrey Moore’s curve still matters

It may seem like I’m piling on Steve Rubel. I’m not, really. I like the guy, admire him, respect him and often agree with him. But re-reading his post on the Pollara survey that shows people trust friends and family more tha A-list bloggers, a line he tossed off grabbed my attention; I’d glossed over it before.

This comes as more of the action shifts to micro communities like Twitter or Friendfeed…

I would challenge this assumption. What action, exactly, is switching to Twitter and Friendfeed? Yes, some action is, but it’s the action of the innovators and early adopters, not the mainstream. The mainstream hasn’t heard of Twitter.… Read More »

Twitter: better than a phone tree

I can remember several episodes from my life in which I was at the emergency room with my wife, son, or daughter, while family members waited anxiously for word. At other times, I was on the waiting end, pacing and wondering exactly what was going on.

Heuer and WellsAs I write this, my friend and colleague Chris Heuer is at the emergency room. He awoke this morning with pain in his arm. He’d gone through some medical issues before but had felt better over the last week. The issue with his arm led him and his wife, Kristie Wells, to head to the hospital, where his blood pressure—which had been 120/80—has spiked to 170/111. At this moment, he’s in the… Read More »

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