www.stopblocking.orgWith only so many hours in a day, I have to choose where to commit my energy. As a result, some projects take a back seat. But after pondering two sets of data, I’m recommitting myself to my Stop Blocking initiative.

But it won’t do any good if I do this by myself. I need help to keep the wiki updated.

Bear with me, and I’ll explain all.

First, the data

By themselves, both of these sets of data are intriguing. Juxtaposed, however, they’re startling. One one side, you have organizations warming up to social media, particularly as a channel for marketing. On the flip side, you have a surge in companies that are blocking their own… Read More »

“Trust Agents” and the complexities of trust

The ability of organizations to develop relationships of “spontaneous sociability,” the ability to form trusting relationships with diverse strangers, predicts when an organization will compete effectively.

If you think the quote above is a conclusion of the Edelman Trust Barometer or a quote from any of the flood of recent social media-focused books, guess again. It was a key finding of a study concluded in 2000 by the IABC Research Foundation titled “Measuring Organizational Trust” (link opens a PDF).

You would think, reading all the conversation about trust in the social space, that bloggers and others active in social media… Read More »

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