Friday Wrap #69: Net non-users, trusted advertising, Instagram adoption, article Pins, and more

Friday (Bacon) Wrap

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I’m faced with another embarrassment of riches when it comes to stories, studies and reports published this week. As always, the Friday Wrap is made up of items that may have escaped your notice but are worthy of your attention. I collect the items I consider for the Wrap, the podcast, blog posts and other content at my link blog, (Am I the only person who still has a link blog?)

15% of American adults don’t use the Internet

Roughly one out of every seven American adults over 18 don’t use the Internet or email, according to The Pew Internet and American Life Project. Among them, 34% say… Read More »

Every Employee Involved

Every Employee Involved

The skepticism, risk-aversion and ignorance that held companies back from embracing digital and social media is fading. Senior leaders are taking responsibility for their companies’ digital strategies, according to a McKinsey & Company report. That’s good news, since leadership’s failure to pay attention to digital is most often cited as the reason initiatives fail.

The C-suite’s discovery that digital pays is producing some great customer-focused innovations. Of the five digital trends McKinsey covers in its study, however, one of the most important still hasn’t fired executives’ imaginations. “Companies have been slower to adopt… Read More »

Retail employee behavior can go viral in a heartbeat

Two tales of employee behavior made the rounds at roughly the same time this week.

The first features 18-year-old Dunkin’ Donuts employee Abid Adar who is being widely heralded as the face of a company that takes employee training and corporate social responsibility seriously. By virtue of the fact that he was working the counter when customer Taylor Chapman entered the Florida shop, Adar has been catapulted to social media (and now mainstream media) fame.

Chapman had visited the Dunkin’ Donuts the night before, when she said she didn’t get a receipt. Dunkin’ Donuts offers your order free if you don’t get a receipt, so she came back,… Read More »

Friday Wrap #46: New trust data, LinkedIn buys Pulse, a half-million mini-magazines, Walmart content

Friday Wrap #46

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It has been a busy week in the digital/social world. With everything that has occupied our attention over the last week (Facebook Home, for example, and word that investment companies are pouring money into Google Glass app development), you may have missed some other interesting stories. These are some that I found particularly interesting. I save the stories from which I draw items for the Wrap at Who knows? There may be a story in there that matters to you.

Financial services is the least trusted industry

Although results of Edelman’s 2013 Trust Barometer were released months ago, the… Read More »

Content marketing, ghost blogging and authenticity: You can have it all

Ghost Blogging
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Content marketing holds a world of promise for organizations seeking to be visible in a fragmented-yet-crowded media landscape. It also is full of potholes that can rattle your organization’s reputation and landmines that can blow it up entirely.

The need to become a media company, to produce an ongoing stream of quality content despite limited resources, can lead marketers and communicators to make some very bad decisions. One of them is embracing the idea of ghost blogging. On a recent podcast episode, a ProBlog Service writer explained the company this way:

We are primarily content marketers. We’re ghost…

Read More »

Friday Wrap #21: Bring Your Own Apps, Yelp’s badge of shame, AOL reimagines email, the new J-school

Friday Wrap #21
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The weekend is upon us—but not before we wrap up the digital and social news of the week of interest to communicators. For the full list of items from which I draw these stories, dive into my link blog at

Employees embrace the Bring Your Own Apps movement

If workers are bringing their own mobile devices to work—a reflection of the fact that their personal technology is usually better than the devices they get from their employers—then it makes just as much sense that they’ll download the apps that will help them be more efficient on the job. Now, according to The Telegraph, Citrix is… Read More »

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