Don’t Clinton staffers watch the news?

I lauded the Hillary Clinton campaign recently for the launch of The Fact Hub, a blog-based website designed to provide rapid response to rumors, inaccuracies, and factual misstatements. It’s only fair, then, that I call the campaign out for a communications gaffe made all the more egregious by the the fact that FEMA was all over the news recently for making a similar move. FEMA, you may recall, came under fire for putting on a fake news conference, with members of the FEMA staff posing as reporters and tossing softball questions. Now it turns out the Clinton campaign was planting questions for the candidate among members of various… Read More »

Will we never learn?

Microsoft and global PR agency Burson-Marsteller are in hot water over a tactic that flies in the face of what we now about the nature of business and transparency in the era of social computing.

There have been enough instances of false-front organizations, funded by a client and operated by a PR agency, being outed by determined individuals to make you wonder: What in the world was Burson thinking?

The tale—as recounted in this Guardian story—begins with an email from Burson director Jonathan Dinkeldein promoting the Initiative for Competitive Online Marketplaces. The email, delivered to boad membes of several several top UK… Read More »

Wikipedia Scanner: open season on companies

Since Virgil Griffith launched Wikipedia Scanner, it’s been open season on organizations whose IP addresses are linked to changes made to entries on the popular DIY encyclopedia. For example…

  • PRWeek’s UK edition notes that “PR agencies are flouting Wikipedia rules demanding they do not edit the site. At least six of the PRWeek top ten UK agencies have edited the site in the past year…FD is the biggest offender filing 25 edits, primarily concerning clients Russ DeLeon and Ruth Parasol—founders of the online gambling company PartyGaming.”
  • Wired is taking and publishing submissions in a posting titled “Vote on the Most Shameful wikipedia… Read More »

Dell, delays, and transparency

Dell Computers may have a lot of problems, but transparency isn’t one of them. I learned on Jim Horton’s blog about a post on Direct2Dell from Consumer Product Group Sr. VP Alex Gruzen announcing a delay in shipment of a new Dell laptop. The post drew 189 comments as of today, most of them slamming the company hard for the delay.

Some of the comments chastised Dell for waiting until the last possible moment to announce the delay, which is not a shining example of transparency. But the blog itself could serve as a poster child for transparency, given the volume of negative comments the company seems to have no problem posting.

What’s… Read More »

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