More grief for P2P

I wrote my two US senators and my congresswoman recently to complain about legislation to outlaw peer-to-peer networks. Sure, a lot of illegal file sharing goes on over P2P (and this isn’t the place to debate whether it should even be illegal or whether it has the negative impact the entertainment industry whines about). My point was that illegal file sharing represents a fraction of what goes on over P2P.

Now CNN (among others) reports that 45 state attorneys general have sent a letter to P2P companies telling them they could face legal consequences if they don’t better inform their customers and users about copyright violation.

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Skype vs. Vonage

On Neville Hobson’s recommendation, I tried Skype today. Download and installation were a snap, following which I called Neville. I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area, Neville’s in The Netherlands. I’ve never heard phone call sound so good. You know the expression, “It sounds like you’re in the next room?” The next room has nothing on this. Neville sounded like he was a CD recording.

So I like Skype, a peer-to-peer solution from the folks who brought you Kazaa. However, you have to pay for calls to people who don’t have Skype (it’s free to those who do), and those without Skype can’t call you at all. When your computer’s off, so is Skype.… Read More »

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