Community, weight loss, IABC, and Facebook vs. Google+

IABC LiteThat headline looks like a jumble of concepts if ever you’ve seen one. But bear with me, it will all make sense.

Early this year, Steve Crescenzo tweeted that he’d like to lose weight by the start of the 2011 IABC World Conference. A number of us responded that we had the same goal, and Tom Keefe created the #IABCLite hashtag as a means of discussing the idea.

I noodled around and found a website, Weight Loss Wars, where the five of us could join in a “competition.” We weren’t really competing; it was more of a support group where we could share our progress and cheer one another on.

By the time the conference rolled around, only Tom… Read More »

Repent, all ye bloggers; the end of the blogosphere is nigh

In the world of social media, nothing can ever be merely affected. It has to be killed. Slaughtered. Eviscerated. Massacred.

Google+ is the latest alleged killer. Search the phrase “will Google+ kill” and you’ll find nearly 30,000 results speculating whether Google will kill Facebook, Twitter, search engine optimization, email, Flickr, the list goes on.

Some of the rationale for these predictions are head-shakingly stupid. Quora was the last shiny new object deemed a blog-killer. Today, I routinely hear people ask, “Remember Quora? Whatever happened to it?” While Quora isn’t getting the outpouring of love it did a few months ago, it… Read More »

FIR Plus: A test drive of Google+ Hangout

FIR co-hosts Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz were joined by friends of FIR Kami Watson Huyse (of Zoetica), Lionel Menchaca (chief blogger for Dell) and Bryan Person (of LiveWorld) for a test drive of Google+ Hangout, the social network’s video conferencing service. The experience was far from perfect and this video has been edited heavily so you don’t have to sit through the gaps and gaffes. Thanks to Bryan Person for capturing the screencast.

Messages from our sponsors: FIR is brought to you with Lawrence Ragan Communications, serving communicators worldwide for 35 years,; Save time with the CustomScoop online clipping… Read More »

Simplicity, integration continue to drive Facebook’s success

Mark Zuckerberg made a critical point during today’s announcement at Facebook headquarters—a point that was glossed over in most of the subsequent (and concurrent) discussions.

The announcement introduced three features: group chat, modifications to the design for chat, and video chat. The demonstration of the video chat feature focused on simplicity. Want to initiate a video chat with a friend? From the chat tab or your friend’s profile page, just click “Call.” If you’re the recipient of your very first Facebook video call, you don’t need to download or install anything. Just accepting the call installs the plugin.

Skype CEO Tony… Read More »

PR and communications implications of Google+ (and other observations)

Google+ logoGoogle+ has been dominating the online conversation cycle with discussions analyzing the pros and cons, debating Google+‘s chances of unseating Facebook at the social network, explaining how to use it (there’s already a list of tutorials, and speculating about its future.

It even occupied about half of yesterday’s episode of FIR.

For those unclear on Google+, it’s the new social network Google has cobbled together from a variety of the technologies it has developed over the last several years. That’s not a criticism; Google has done a masterful job of weaving these technologies into a well-integrated network that bears some… Read More »

Planely: A social network that does one thing

I’m on the road about half the time. As a result, I’ve had just about every experience a traveler can have (short of a crash, the one experience I hope to avoid). For example…

  • I run into people I know at the terminal. Most recently, it was Brian Solis, who was waiting at O’Hare for the same San Francisco-bound flight I was on. We both lamented that, had we known we would be there, we could have met for a drink or a meal before heading to the terminal.
  • I’ve gone to a conference where I saw at least three or four people who were on my flight. We could have at least shared a cab to the hotel. At most, we could have spent some time… Read More »

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