Friday Wrap #16: upside of showrooming,Google plays 6 Degrees, small and large businesses go social

Friday Wrap
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“Thank God it’s Friday,” I hear you shout, since Friday promises another edition of the Friday Wrap. And indeed, here it is! I draw these items from the last seven days of my various feeds. I save the interesting items for consideration in the Wrap (and for Monday’s episode of For Immediate Release) on my link blog, which you’re welcome to follow.

Showrooming could be good for retailers

One of the reasons Best Buy is on the ropes, according to analysts, is that the brick-and-mortar stores have become showrooms for Visitors can check out the physical products, make their choices, then order them… Read More »

Friday Wrap #14: A Facebook without ads; Twitter founders’ new tool; Instagram/Quora/Klout news

Friday Wrap
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The Friday Wrap is a collection of eye-catching items that surfaced in my feeds over the last week. A full blog post on each would have been nice, but time is short, so I summarize them here. You can see everything I collect for Friday Wrap consideration at my link blog.

Would you pay $50 per year for an add-free Facebook alternative? has opened its doors to anyone who would like an ad-free social networking experience and $50 to pay for it to reserve an account. While free, ad-supported access to everything from search to social has become the norml, Dalton Caldwell is looking to shake things up with his… Read More »

Friday Wrap #9: Press release plagiarism, hotels and WiFi, Nike fights for promoted tweets

The Friday Wrap
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My weekly recap of some of the stories I found intriguing while perusing my feeds during the last seven days.

Recruiters using social media, but Facebook monitoring could backfire

Only 8% of U.S. companies aren’t using social media to acquire new talent this year. (These are likely the same companies that block employee online access and maintain a healthy supply of carbon paper for all the typewriters used by the ladies in the secretarial pool.) LinkedIn is the most used network for social recruiting, according to the Jobvite report, thought Facebook and Twitter are catching up. The ZDNet write-up notes that… Read More »

Friday Wrap #8: AR for shoppers, a tepid declaration, KISS vs. engagement, and sucky content

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A review of articles that piqued my interest during the last week, whether or not they were earth-shattering.

Augmented Reality in the Grocery Aisle

Some people are more deliberate than others when they shop. While many just want to replace that empty box of Candy-Coated Sugar Grenades and other staples, there are those who are intent on finding only organic food, whole-grain cereals, locally-sourced fruit and/or biodegradable packaging. IBM aims to make those items easier to find via an Augmented Reality (AR) app developed by its Haifa, Israel staff. On your smartphone or tablet, you enter the characteristics of… Read More »

Franchisee staff: the forgotten social media audience

One of the participants in an internal social media workshop I taught in Chicago last week raised an interesting question. He worked in employee communications for a nationally-recognized auto service brand and wondered about the use of internal social media among franchisees.

It’s not unusual for franchise operations to set up extranets that let them establish communication with franchise owners. It just makes sense to distribute new pricing information and marketing materials digitally, and to answer questions asynchronously; it can reduce calls to the call center. Companies like Burger King and Ben & Jerry’s have set up just such… Read More »

Less is more? Sometimes less is just less

It's Not All NoiseConcerns that social media has reached a saturation point is leading to calls to scale back social media efforts. Writing last month in the Hospital Impact blog, Jean Riggle cited Forrester CEO George Colony’s argument that “social networking consumes more time than going to church, communicating by phone, email and snail mail, and exercising” to suggest hospitals trim back their efforts.

Excessive status updating can descend into a noise, Riggle argues, asserting that less can be more. She points to an Adage article in which Michael Scissons suggests the 22% decline in engagement on the Facebook walls of leading brands can be… Read More »

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