Retail employee behavior can go viral in a heartbeat

Two tales of employee behavior made the rounds at roughly the same time this week.

The first features 18-year-old Dunkin’ Donuts employee Abid Adar who is being widely heralded as the face of a company that takes employee training and corporate social responsibility seriously. By virtue of the fact that he was working the counter when customer Taylor Chapman entered the Florida shop, Adar has been catapulted to social media (and now mainstream media) fame.

Chapman had visited the Dunkin’ Donuts the night before, when she said she didn’t get a receipt. Dunkin’ Donuts offers your order free if you don’t get a receipt, so she came back,… Read More »

Friday Wrap #49: Investors go social, retracting a tweet, sharing drives video success, and more

Friday Wrap

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Every week, new studies are released, new tools are introduced and news reports flood the Web. Even the most useful items can sneak by unnoticed. I collect interesting tidbits that cross my radar and each Friday select a handful for the Friday Wrap, a summary of stories about which communicators ought to be aware. If you’re interested in the pool of content from which I choose the items for the Wrap, you can find them at

IR managers take note: Social media is a new source of investment information

While investors continue to rely on traditional sources of investment information—press… Read More »

Friday Wrap #45: Down with likes, up with tweets, social roll-outs, stopping social rumors, and more

Friday Wrap #45

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The big news this week was the Securities and Exchange Commission’s release of guidelinies for using social media to distribute company news. A hot topic since the days when Jonathan Schwartz ran Sun Microsystems and engaged with the head of the SEC in a conversation about the potential for blogs and RSS to meet Reg FD requirements, we’re getting closer and closer to the day when a Facebook update or a tweet will be disclosure-compliant. There’s too much to report about this for a Wrap summary, so you’ll just have to wait for Monday’s episode of For Immediate Release, where I’ll report on it in detail. In the… Read More »

Friday Wrap #43: The state of news, digital marketing’s future, illustration storytelling, and more

Friday Wrap, movie-styleAmidst the din of the big stories of the week, it’s easy to miss some of the smaller reports that still could have big value for you and your communication efforts. Friday Wrap to the rescue! Here every Friday I share some of the other posts and articles you may have missed. I select the final items for the Wrap from, where I collect the candidates for the Wrap as well as for my blog and podcast. You’re welcome to check it out for even more crunchy news and commentary.

The state of news has implications for PR

The decline of traditional journalism continues, according to the Pew Research Center’s “The State of… Read More »

Employee ambassadors are becoming a must-have for brand social media reach

Social Media Reach via Employee AmbassadorsMarketers distressed over the declining number of brand page posts that appear in the news feeds of people who have liked their page have another option to expand their reach. It’s just not an option most of them have considered.

Changes made last year to Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm led to a falloff in average reach. One study, by GroupM, found that brand pages experienced a 38% decline in consumer reach. Photo postings to brand pages fell 40% while those featuring links dropped off over 68%, according to the study. Other studies reported similarly distressing numbers.

Then there’s the study from Napkin Labs that determined only 6%… Read More »

Friday Wrap #41: Facebook exposure, Twitter gloom, the worst layoff communication ever, and more

Friday Wrap #41This week’s wrap features some particularly intriguing items, all drawn from a wider selection I collect on my link blog at That’s also where I find the stories I’ll cover on my podcast. I’d be honored if you’d give my co-host and me a listen at For Immediate Release.

How many people saw that picture of your dinner you shared last night?

Data scientists have Facebook have crunched the numbers and come to the conclusion that one out of three of your friends sees every update you post to the social network. The analysis of 220,000 Facebook users’ posts last June found that,  over the course of the month, users… Read More »

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