Your employees could be the key to engaging customers on the next generation of social networks

Are you pondering what I'm pondering?You already know the switch to mobile computing is irrevocable and that planning for mobile first is more than just a good idea. What you may not know is that the next generation of social networks could have a dramatic impact on the approach your organization takes to connecting with customers and other stakeholders.

Don’t be embarrassed if you’re not aware of the rise of mobile messaging apps and the real threat they pose to Facebook and other traditional social networks. (And yes, in case you’re wondering, I do find it funny that I’m labeling Facebook a “traditional” network.) They may be a big deal, but here in North America and… Read More »

Friday Wrap #60: deflating social media bubble, Fortune 500 adoption, Facebook’s reach, rising FOMO

Friday Wrap #60

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Edelman sparked a lot of conversation this week with its report on PR’s role—and the need for ethical behavior—in the growing field of native advertising. I’ll talk about that, and some contrary points of view, on Monday’s episode of For Immediate Release. In the meantime, a lot of other news and research was shared during the past week, some of the most interesting of which (to me, anyway) is listed in today’s Wrap. As always, you can find the bigger list of items from which I chose today’s Wrap material at my link blog,

A deflating bubble doesn’t spell the demise of social media

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Friday Wrap #57: Twitter’s rewind button, walled gardens hurt ROI, guest blogging under Penguin 2.0

Friday Wrap #58

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I was away much of this week at IABC’s annual world conference. The news kept pouring in—lots of it this week—making for a content-rich installment of the Friday Wrap. As always, I collect the stories from which I choose Wrap items on my link blog at Add it to your reading list to stay up to date on all the stories I collect based on their newsworthiness.

Replay that twitter stream

Twitter continues to experiment with new services and features as it positions itself to be profitable and continue attracting new users. The latest of these was telegraphed by CEO Dick Costolo on Wednesday:… Read More »

High-powered panel of leaders shows we have a long, long way to go with social media

IABC Socratic Dialog Panel

It was designed to serve as a model for understanding how to respond to an online attack. It turned out to be an object lesson in why organizations continue to need the guidance of a senior social media adviser.

At the Monday morning “general session at IABC‘s 2013 world conference, Digital Assassination co-author Richard Torrenzano, CEO of The Torrenzano Group, introduced a Socratic session featuring 10 impeccably-credentialed professionals, each of whom would play a role in an online crisis scenario. Four represented the C-suite of a fictional company. Retired Greenpoint Financial CEO Thomas Johnson was the CEO, Asta Funding CFO… Read More »

Retail employee behavior can go viral in a heartbeat

Two tales of employee behavior made the rounds at roughly the same time this week.

The first features 18-year-old Dunkin’ Donuts employee Abid Adar who is being widely heralded as the face of a company that takes employee training and corporate social responsibility seriously. By virtue of the fact that he was working the counter when customer Taylor Chapman entered the Florida shop, Adar has been catapulted to social media (and now mainstream media) fame.

Chapman had visited the Dunkin’ Donuts the night before, when she said she didn’t get a receipt. Dunkin’ Donuts offers your order free if you don’t get a receipt, so she came back,… Read More »

Friday Wrap #49: Investors go social, retracting a tweet, sharing drives video success, and more

Friday Wrap

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Every week, new studies are released, new tools are introduced and news reports flood the Web. Even the most useful items can sneak by unnoticed. I collect interesting tidbits that cross my radar and each Friday select a handful for the Friday Wrap, a summary of stories about which communicators ought to be aware. If you’re interested in the pool of content from which I choose the items for the Wrap, you can find them at

IR managers take note: Social media is a new source of investment information

While investors continue to rely on traditional sources of investment information—press… Read More »

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