Hospital attacts teens with MySpace page

When reading the Wall Street Journal article about Ernst & Young’s Facebook-centric recruiting effort, I was struck by the reference to reaching your audience in “their lair.” It’s an important point. People are reallocating the time they spend online to venues where they can interact with other people, whether that’s Facebook, Twitter, the blogosphere, whatever. The time they spend in these places is time they won’t spend on your corporate website.

It also points to the importance of identifying the right lair when trying to engage in conversation with members of the public you’re trying to reach. That’s the approach Parkland Health &… Read More »

Two new approaches to tracking the conversation

My IABC friend and occasional FIR commenter Kris Gallagher, who works in communications at DePaul University, sent along a link to a new service called Darren Stuart created the site out of a desire to view the Twitter status of the members of a group he assembled. (Stuart is referring to their current status, not their standing in the group.)

Stuart has created an initial crowd that includes several well-known residents of the social media space, all collected in one place.

Shel Holtz

I can see some use to CrowdStatus. I could put IABC members in one group, people who post great links in another, and SNCR fellows in yet… Read More »

PR Open Mic connects students, faculty, and practitioners

Shel HoltzRobert French, the social media-promoting PR professor at Auburn University, has launched a Ning-based social network for PR students and faculty called PR Open Mic. He’s also thrown the door open to practitioners in hopes that a dialogue will emerge that ultimately improves PR curricula and benefits students.

As of this morning, the group boasts 382 members (including me). And, unlike some Ning networks that almost instantly enter stagnation mode, PR Open Mic is off to a vibrant start.

Phil Gomes, the Edelman Digital stalwart, has started a group called “Ask Phil.” And rather than just answer questions, he produces videos. In fact,… Read More »

Move over, ProfNet: LinkedIn is here

Update: The article reference in this post is now online

Over on Facebook, Peter Shankman has started a group titled, “If I Can Help A Reporter, I Will.” The idea is pretty simple. A reporter in need of an expert for a quote or some background can reach out through the group, and members get notified via Facebook messaging (which also hits their email inbox).

I was subscribed for a while but left the group because of the flood of queries that had nothing to do with my area of expertise. Talk about overload!

But the idea is still a good one, an informal approach to what PR Newswire’s Profnet, a long-standing tool that lets… Read More »

Starbucks adopts IdeaStorm concept

The Dell IdeaStorm was a revolutionary concept in customer relations. The idea was simple: Take the concept of Digg, tweak it a bit here and there, and unleash it so customers and employees can submit ideas. Anyone can then comment on any idea and vote to either promote or demote it. Those that rose to the top are then moved into action. To date, nearly 9,000 ideas have been submitted, attracting almost 69,000 comments. The ideas have been promoted almost 614,000 times. Some of the current top-promoted ideas include offering computers with no extra software and standardizing power cables for all laptops.

The IdeaStorm concept is so… Read More »

FIR Interview - Jeremy Burton, CEO, Serena Software, on Facebook Fridays: November 16, 2007

While reports continue to flood out of the business world of companies blocking employee access to online venues—notably social media and especially social networks—Serena Software has taken the opposite approach, actively encouraging employees to network with each other on Facebook. Serena’s CEO, Jeremy Burton, has written about his philosophy for ZDNet Asia; the company even issued a press release about it.

In this exclusive FIR Interview, Shel Holtz talked with Burton about the “Facebook Fridays” program, his view of the value social networks bring to the organization, and his opinion about how other companies are handling employee… Read More »

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