Add “blogworking” to your vocabulary

“Self-governing social networks combine with interactive weblog publishing to create something people just call Blogworking.” So writes Jesse Taylor in a piece at AlwaysOn. Taylor sites adholes, a collection of blogs from people working in advertising. (The site’s slogan: “Ad industry schmoozing without expensive restaurant tabs.”)

Taylor notes that these smaller networking sites are starting to generate ad revenue.

Why would these smaller, private Blogworking sites get commercial interest normally reserved for big sites? Because Blogworking sites feature running commentary and reactions that are tightly targeted to niche markets where…

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Marrying RSS and social networking

One of the key benefits of RSS is the ability to get all the content in which you might be interested delivered to a single aggregator. Rather than visit 200 Web sites every day, you visit your single aggregator which has collected items from those 200 sites. I use FeedDemon, and I’m happy with it. But I still spend a lot of time dismissing stories the news reader has captured about which I just don’t care.

An article in the February issue of Technology Review introduces a new Web-based aggregator from San Francisco-based Rojo (pronounced like “mojo”) that adds a twist to the concept. addition to RSS feeds, Rojo includes a social…

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Social networking yields results

CSO Insights partner Jim Dickie was skeptical when he tapped into the LinkedIn social network in search of some work-related results. Dickie, who writes about the experience at, started off with a genuine work need. Research his company conducted led him to wonder why some customer relationship management (CRM) tools were producing better results than others.

Social networking software was his first target. “These systems claim to increase the productivity of sales and marketing professionals by leveraging the theory of six degrees of separation, allowing users to tap into the existing affiliations of other… Read More »

A PeopleSoft Surge at LinkedIn

This was the weekend.

Thousands of PeopleSoft employees—along with some Oracle employees—were due to get pink slips at home over the weekend, the natural consequence of a takeover. I’m waiting to hear if any of the folks I know at PeopleSoft have been affected. Some of them have been LinkedIn members for a while, an affiliation that may pay dividends as they use the professional-focused social network to find new employment.

That makes such sense that over 3,700 PeopleSofties have joined LinkedIn in the last 30 days, according to Joi Ito. That brings the total number of PeopleSofties with LinkedIn accounts to about 5,500.

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