Five ways to bring the Pinterest-and-Instagram-fueled image-sharing trend to your intranet

Internal ImagesVisual communication has grown into a bona fide social trend. Most trends that take root on the web ultimately find their way onto intranets. That hasn’t happened yet with the compulsion we have acquired for sharing images. The fact that tools aren’t available yet to integrate into your internal platforms shouldn’t stop you, though, from tapping into this increasingly common behavior.

The trend

Photo sharing has been around for a long time. A number of photo sharing services came and went while the mainstays struggled to find both a niche and revenue models. Yahoo has allowed Flickr to languish even as companies used them to create… Read More »

Is social business whatever a consultant says it is?

Social media is the tip of the social business icebergThe president of the Fortune 400 company where I worked called me into his office to proclaim that “We are now a learning company.” He had just returned from a conference where he sat in on a session about learning companies and he was pumped. So I asked, “What does that mean?”

His face wrinkled up in consternation. “It means we learn. We learn all the time,” he said.

“How?” I asked.

He was getting frustrated. “By learning. The way we learn.”

“But if we’re a learning company, we must have to do something different than we’re doing now. If we’re going to communicate this to employees, they have to know what’s different, what’s… Read More »

Is time disadvantaged youths spend online a waste or a competitive advantage?

Waste Time OnlineThe New York Times dredged up a 2-1/2-year-old study to kick off a flurry of reporting about a new digital divide. The old digital divide had to do with access: Disadvantaged populations had less. Now that pretty much everyone can get online, the Times reports on a flurry of activity to ensure low-income families are digitally-literate so their children don’t get sucked into a vortex of online time wasting.

A study published in 2010 by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that children and teenagers whose parents do not have a college degree spent 90 minutes more per day exposed to media than children from higher socioeconomic families.…

Read More »

Rejoice! Employee use of social networks has tripled!

Facebook LockdownPalo Alto Networks is out with its annual numbers on employee work time spent on social networks. The company’s conclusions are based on analyzing raw data from 1,600-plus companies for a seven-month period last year. Their press release on the study confirms something we already suspected: “explosive growth in global social networking and browser-based file sharing on corporate networks, with a 300 percent increase in active social networking. (e.g., posting, applications) compared with activity during the same period in the latter half of 2010.”

The press release quotes the company’s CMO, René Bonvanie, saying “Whether or not… Read More »

Less is more? Sometimes less is just less

It's Not All NoiseConcerns that social media has reached a saturation point is leading to calls to scale back social media efforts. Writing last month in the Hospital Impact blog, Jean Riggle cited Forrester CEO George Colony’s argument that “social networking consumes more time than going to church, communicating by phone, email and snail mail, and exercising” to suggest hospitals trim back their efforts.

Excessive status updating can descend into a noise, Riggle argues, asserting that less can be more. She points to an Adage article in which Michael Scissons suggests the 22% decline in engagement on the Facebook walls of leading brands can be… Read More »

My common-sense approach to managing the glut of social channels

A lot of hype accompanied the launch of Unthink. Most major news outlets carried the story of a decently-funded social network launching with the intention of being the iconoclast on the block, the one network that ensured your data was always your own. Unthink not only put Facebook in its sights, but Google+, too.

I asked around and found few people who have bothered signing up. Heather Vana told me she signed up, tried to find some easy-to-follow written instructions, couldn’t, and left. Then there’s Jason Hodgert who, when I asked if this was one social network too many, replied, “One???”

A report published today notes that 100,000… Read More »

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