Throwing out the tool with the blogwater

Warning! Long post follows.

For me, one of the great frustrations of working in the PR profession is the number of people who think they understand it without the benefit of any background in it. Public relations is a field in which scholars devote their lives to researching models and theories. You can earn a doctorate in PR. The field of PR research has exploded to align effort with results. Associations collect volumes of case studies and analyses. The body of literature that comprises the study of PR is vast and rich.

Yet there is no shortage of people who have never studied the business, never read a single textbook, never… Read More »

PR Newswire adds Technorati button to press releases. I’m confused.

I’m not sure what to make of the announcement that PR Newswire press releases will now include a Technorati button.

On the one hand, it’s great that one of the giants of news release distribution services is expanding the scope of its social media integration (PR Newswire is among several such services that, for instance, offer a button). On the other hand, I’m curious why this required a “partnership” (as Technorati honcho Dave Sifry called it in his blog post). Why couldn’t PR Newswire simply add the link? I’ve done it several times with various social media press releases I’ve produced, as have several others. In fact,… Read More »

Play by the rules or get unwanted attention

Whether the rules of any given social media space are written or unwritten, it is important for marketers and communicators entering these spaces to learn them. We at crayon learned the hard way when we claimed a “first” in Second Life, earning the wrath of the metaverse’s residents.

The Second Life Herald reports that Dell Computers seems to have managed to get around the requirements imposed on everyone else in the acquisition of the company’s in-world island. In your SL avatar profile, there is a place that indicates payments made. The owner of the Dell island—an avatar named Pyrrha Dell—shows none, leading the Herald to ponder,… Read More »

Join Jaffe’s conversation

Using a blog to share drafts of book chapters is getting to be less and less of a renegade approach to authoring. Shel Israel and Robert Scoble got a lot of attention for it with their Naked Conversations blog. Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, has announced he’ll do it for his upcoming book.

It’s a great approach, of course, producing feedback from your target audience that will help you improve the next draft and make it more relevant to prospective readers. But commenting is the limit of the blog’s utility. A wiki would let readers rewrite and add original content. Now that’s interesting.

And that’s what Joseph Jaffe… Read More »

Study supports what we already know about social media and brand evanagelists

Countless authors, speakers, bloggers, podcasters and other advocates of social media have pointed out that companies should focus on their biggest fans and that social media like blogs—along with other Internet tools—are ideal channels for such outreach.

Yahoo! and comScore Networks have released research today that validates that point of view. “Engaging Advocates through Search and Social Media” makes the connection between effective use of the Net as a marketing channel and influence of brand advocates. Specifically, the study found (according to the press release):

  • The Net has had a significant impact on how customers research and… Read More »

Telstra shows Australia how to join the conversation

I conducted a teleseminar on business blogging for the Public Relations Institute of Australia a few days ago. Any number of people I know from Australia warned me that business is far behind the blogging/social media curve down under. Afterwards, though, I got an email from Rod Bruem, who runs a blogging website for Telstra, which provides telecommunications services. The site, “Now We Are Talking,” features about 15 company bloggers, ranging from Telstra’s chief technology officer, Dr. Hugh Bradlow, addressing technology issues, to a working mother striving to achieve an appropriate work-life balance. According to Bruem, “Our most… Read More »

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