NewComm Forum deals

The New Communications Forum is on the horizon—March 7-9 at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas—and a couple of participants are offering registration deals.

Tom Foremski, the powerhouse journalist behind Silicon Valley Watcher, has publicized a promo code for $200 off the registration fee.

Meanwhile, Provident Partners is giving away a registration. As Michael Keliher notes, “It’s our little way of promoting this great event and the whole of new media and new communication.”

I’ll be speaking at the event, too—running the podcasting bootcamp and doing the wrap-up keynote. I’ve been to both of the first two Forums, and I expect this one to… Read More »

Google polishes its Groups

imageGoogle Groups has had a facelift. Unveiled today (after some time in beta) offers a variety of new features, including customization of the look and feel of groups users create and the ability to create web pages within a group. Usenet newsgroups remain accessible through the interface, as well.

I manage one group—the mailing list for CAPOW (Communicatons and Advertising Professionals of the World)—so I took a look at the admin interface for the group. It’s much cleaner with more options. Group members have an easier time participating via the web, now, in addition to getting emails of posts by other group members.

With all the focus… Read More »

Hit-and-run commenting

If social media (yeah, I still use that term) is all about conversation, how come so many people jump in, offer their two cents, then vanish? I don’t know if anybody has called it “hit-and-run commenting” before, but that’s what it feels like.

In my long-winded post about the social media press release, there were two good examples of this. First, somebody named ZF called me on a word cock-up (can you tell Neville’s British-isms are having an influence on me?). I wrote that I had deep unabiding respect for Stowe Boyd and Robert Scoble. What I meant, of course, was abiding respect. Where’d I come up with the non-word? I was probably… Read More »

Edelman issues latest Trust Barometer as a social media release

Edelman has released the results of its eight annual Trust Barometer. The announcement was made using a traditional news release and a social media release.

The social media release is not in and of itself a part of the conversation, but rather is fodder for the conversation packaged in a way that is readily usable by those so engaged. Because the release provides for comments, it has some element of a kick-start to it, particularly when bloggers are able to cite what kind of feedback the release itself generated. The availability of the release, however, does not preclude any of Edelman’s staffers from blogging about it as a direct… Read More »

Movin’ on

Frankly, I thought the “press-release-is-dead” meme was over a year or so ago after the delightful Amy Gahran and I engaged in some friendly disagreement about it. What goes around, I suppose, comes around.

Stowe Boyd and I will have to agree to disagree. And he’s welcome to think I don’t “get it” (a phrase, by the way, I despise as much as Stowe dislikes “audience” and “content.”) I continue to think Stowe rocks. If you’re not reading his blog, you should be. But in this case, Stowe has incomplete information and knowledge of his subject, leading him to pass judgement on a tool he doesn’t understand but thinks he does. As I said… Read More »

Throwing out the tool with the blogwater

Warning! Long post follows.

For me, one of the great frustrations of working in the PR profession is the number of people who think they understand it without the benefit of any background in it. Public relations is a field in which scholars devote their lives to researching models and theories. You can earn a doctorate in PR. The field of PR research has exploded to align effort with results. Associations collect volumes of case studies and analyses. The body of literature that comprises the study of PR is vast and rich.

Yet there is no shortage of people who have never studied the business, never read a single textbook, never… Read More »

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