SNCR award deadline approaches

When you’re well-connected to the community of communicators applying social media to their companies’ and clients’ communication challenges, you come across a lot of truly excellent case studies. If you’ve produced such an effort, why not get recognized for it?

Recognition does far more than boost your ego. When honored for a program you executed that some in your company don’t understand, the fact that an esteemed group of judges deemed it worthwhile can elevate the value of the program in the eyes of company decision-makers. The more exposure of award-winning strategic applications of social media, the greater the number of… Read More »

Live blogging from the New Communication Forum

UPDATE: Evidently, ShiftEdit is having trouble connecting through OpenID, so I’ve had to log in using my Facebook account and recreate the NewComm Forum live blogging page. It’s here:

I’m trying a service for live-blogging, currently in alpha, called Shift-Edit. I’m heading over to the New Communications Forum (just about a 90-minute drive for me) around 10:30 this morning, with both my laptop and mobile phone in tow. I can post from either to the New Communications Forum section I’ve set up in Shift-Edit (the latter via email). If you’re interested, you can catch the posts here:

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Share your thoughts with SNCR on press release ROI

I’ve been part of a team working with the Society of New Communications Research (SNCR) conducting a study into the ROI companies derive from posting press releases online. The study is based on some interviews and a survey. The survey’s been online for a while but time is running short to contribute your thoughts. It only takes a couple minutes. SNCR and I would value your answers.

There’s a benefit to taking the survey, which is sponsored by Vocus, which owns PRWeb, the online press release distribution service: You’ll get a pretty nice discount to the New Communication Forum, which starts next Tuesday in Sonoma. If you’ve been on… Read More »

SNCR Symposium looks like a great event

I wish I could be there but I have another commitment. Still, I was surprised to hear that registrations are low for the Research Symposium and Awards Gala, the annual SNCR event set for December 5-6 in Boston. (I was particularly surprised given the combination of a great program and the vibrancy of the Boston-based social media community.)

Speakers include John Cass, Paul Gillin, Richard Nacht and Shel Israel, among others. A slew of case studies will be presented and the registration fee supports the Society, whose work benefits all of us. (Disclosure: I am a founding fellow of SNCR.)

Take a look at the program and give some… Read More »

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