Join me next week for SNCR Research Symposium and Awards Gala

SNCRAt every SNCR event I attend, there’s always a first-time participant who marvels that it’s the most worthwhile social media event she or he has attended. “Why don’t more people know about this organization?” they always ask.

Events from SNCR—the Society for New Communications Research—aren’t glitzy and don’t necessarily attract all the cool kids. They are an exercise in substance over style. Instead of the same old tired sessions, SNCR’s presentations address new research and trends that could well be new to even the most experienced social media manager.

Even the annual awards ceremony is an education in best practices and… Read More »

Friday Wrap #13: Facebook pages ruling; how professionals, journalists & everybody uses social media

Friday Wrap #13Every week, I find fascinating items in my various newsfeeds. I’d like to blog about them all, but time is short. The Friday Wrap is a review of some of the most interesting. I select them from my link blog.

In Australia, it’s all just advertising on Facebook

So you’re an Australian company and you’ve set up a Facebook page dedicated strictly to customer support. The focus of that page no longer matters as far as the Australian government is concerned. According to the Advertising Standards Board, posts made to any Facebook page you may have established—along with comments left by your customers—are all considered advertising and must… Read More »

Deep discounts to NewComm Forum 2010

imageThe New Communications Forum—NewComm Forum to the initiated—begins on April 20 in San Mateo, California. That’s just two weeks from tomorrow. I keep reiterating the same point about NewComm: If you’re already knowledgable about social media and you’re serious aboute more advanced learning, this is the conference to attend.

I’ve been to all four previous Forums, and have been a speaker at each. I’m always stunned at the quality of the sessions and the caliber of the speakers. I routinely hear this conference (along with SNCR’s annual research symposium) referred to as “the best conference you’ve never heard of.”

Time to change that.… Read More »

NewComm Forum is coming. Will you be there?

NewCommForum logoFive years ago, I spoke at a little conference in Napa, California. Two social media enthusiasts put it together with a very specific goal: let people who are on top of social media get together. People with specific expertise would present to small groups, there’d be a couple of keynotes, but mostly it would be about gathering and sharing.

Out of that first NewComm Forum, the Society for New Communications Research (SNCR) was born, and the Society and the Forum have been linked ever since. NewComm kept getting better and better. There are plenty of Social Media 101 conferences out there—it seems like one is taking place every day—and… Read More »

SNCR award deadline approaches

When you’re well-connected to the community of communicators applying social media to their companies’ and clients’ communication challenges, you come across a lot of truly excellent case studies. If you’ve produced such an effort, why not get recognized for it?

Recognition does far more than boost your ego. When honored for a program you executed that some in your company don’t understand, the fact that an esteemed group of judges deemed it worthwhile can elevate the value of the program in the eyes of company decision-makers. The more exposure of award-winning strategic applications of social media, the greater the number of… Read More »

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