Simplicity, integration continue to drive Facebook’s success

Mark Zuckerberg made a critical point during today’s announcement at Facebook headquarters—a point that was glossed over in most of the subsequent (and concurrent) discussions.

The announcement introduced three features: group chat, modifications to the design for chat, and video chat. The demonstration of the video chat feature focused on simplicity. Want to initiate a video chat with a friend? From the chat tab or your friend’s profile page, just click “Call.” If you’re the recipient of your very first Facebook video call, you don’t need to download or install anything. Just accepting the call installs the plugin.

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Virtual panel discussion via Skype

Shel Holtz

I just wrapped up participating as a panelist at the monthly chapter meeting of IABC‘s chapter in Orlando, Florida. Also on the panel with me was Barbara Gibson, immediate past chair of IABC. Barb’s from London. I live in the San Francisco East Bay. We both participated on the panel without leaving our homes.

Not that this is an all-time first. I’ve done a talk from Intel’s Santa Clara headquarters to a group meeting in the company’s Oregon offices. I’ve participated via conference call and Skype. But this was the first time Skype video was used the way chapter member Patrick Grady set it up.

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VodBurner: Record both sides of a Skype call

Netralia CEO Jeremy Hague and I chatted for a bit over Skype today while I recorded the call using VodBurner, Netralia’s latest product. It couldn’t be simpler to use. Just click the “record” button on VodBurner when you’re ready to start the recording, have your conversation, then hang up. A box appears to let you know the video recording has been saved; click the button in the box to launch the editor.

Shel Holtz

You can set the point at which the video switches to you, the person on the other end of the call, or the split screen that shows both of you. When you’re done, you can publish the video to the ASF format or upload it directly to… Read More »

Professional behavior results in an effective embargo

Media embargoes—the ones arranged between professionals—are designed as a win-win. The organization gets concurrent coverage from multiple outlets while reporters get the chance to dig deeper into the subject and craft a compelling story.

imageIn his report on episode 412 of “For Immediate Release”, correspondent Dan York talks of a serendipitous alignment of the stars that drove traffic to a screencast he produced. Only in the most offhand way does Dan note that an embargo played a significant part in the screencast’s success.

The screencast presents the features of the latest iteration of Skype for the Mac. Dan was among those offered a… Read More »

ooVoo has big potential

It’s been a while since I participated in a videoconference hosted by Mitch Joel, part of the My ooVoo Day initiative designed to get people talking about the service. (Sorry about the delay—life has been hectic; I’m hoping to catch up on several posts I’ve been wanting to write over the next few days.) You can still sign up to participate in these scheduled My ooVoo Day conversations through February 22.

Shel Holtz

The ooVoo service—which I hadn’t used before—was impressive, as many others reporting on their experiences have noted. There were six of us on the call and I could hear and see everybody just fine (except for one person, which I… Read More »

FIR Interview - John Penberthy-Smith, Hutchison 3G UK: October 29, 2007

3, the mobile operator, and Skype, the internet communications company, have launched the Skypephone, a new handset that lets you make free Skype calls and instant messages from your mobile phone. It’s the first time an operator has offered a mass-market device which is tailor-made for free calling over the internet from a mobile.

During the press launch in London on October 29, Neville Hobson spoke with John Penberthy-Smith, Marketing Director at Hutchison 3G UK Ltd., the operator of the 3 network, about 3’s marketing and communication plans for the Skypephone focused on experiential marketing and word of mouth.

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