Banks find footholds in Second Life

The Los Angeles Times has joined the chorus of media outlets joyfully proclaiming “I told you so” as marketers begin abandoning Second Life. I don’t want to make too much of the article. After all, B.L. Ochman has already done a good job of articulating the points I would have made. I would only add that most of the businesses abandoning their efforts did them wrong to begin with. It makes no sense to me to proclaim Second Life—or any other channel, for that matter—a waste of time for marketers based on ill-considered approaches to entering a virtual world. I’m a fan of Coca-Cola’s approach, undertaken as a learning exercise and devoid… Read More »

Coca-Cola’s community approach to Second Life

Shel HoltzCoca-Cola has entered Second Life by taking an approach other than buying an island, building an edifice, and hoping residents will stop by for a visit. Working with crayon (yes, I’m part of the team, along with several other crayonistas led by C.C. Chapman), Coca-Cola opted to break into the 3D metaverse by getting out amongst the population.

The effort is a competition, labeled “Virtual Thirst.” The idea is for residents (and, in fact, anybody else) to design a Coca-Cola vending machine that dispenses an experience rather than a can or bottle of Coke. Three prototypes were constructed by resident builders and put on display as part… Read More »

I can hear the snickers now…

Shel HoltzAll those people who dismiss Second Life as a fad doomed to expire as quickly as PointCast did must be nodding knowingly at the report of terrorists disrupting the virtual 3D world as part of its effort to force owner Linden Labs to relinquish control to residents. In its bid for more in-world democracy, the Second Life Liberation Army has engaged in a virtual bombing campaign

As an article in the Sydney Morning Herald points out, the SLLA (which was attacked itself recently) is not the first group or individual to wreck havoc in Second Life—not by a long shot. In fact, the metaverse seems to have become a lightning rod for whackos… Read More »

Tech leaders see a gold mine in Second Life

Fortune magazine senior editor David Kirkpatrick is just out with an article on the future of Second Life, noting:

...what’s beginning to catch the attention of IBM and other huge corporations is something potentially far more profound than a new online pastime. It’s the ability to use Second Life as a platform for a whole new Net—this one in 3-D and even more social than the original—with huge opportunities to sell products and services.

Exactly, although I’m not 100% convinced that whole new Net will be based on the Second Life engine. But to me, it’s a whole lot more intuitive to navigate down a street, into a building, and into a… Read More »

FIR Book Review - Second Life: The Official Guide

Second Life: The Official GuideIn this edition of For Immediate Release book reviews, Neville and Shel review Second Life: The Official Guide.

This book is a collaborative work by six writers with expert knowledge of Second Life, the three-dimensional virtual world that today has over 2.6 million registered users. In Second Life: The Official Guide, there is something for everyone from the casual user to the committed Second Life resident.

Our discussion includes - description of the book’s structure and what it’s about; a summary overview of the contents and the content of the accompanying CD; snapshots of specific chapters, especially those describing the grand… Read More »

FIR, crayon, and coffee

Neville and I had our crayon shirts on this morning as we joined the first “coffee with crayon,” which will take place in the crayonville offices in Second Life every Thursday.

I counted about 20 or so participants talking about transparency, ethics, and disclosure, along with some general fun and socializing. It was 6 a.m. for me, but I had a cup of real coffee as my avatar sipped the virtual stuff. Join us next week.

Shel Holtz

Thanks for the snapshot, C.C.!

Update: C.C. tell me there were 40 people there. C.C. has also posted a PDF of the chat history on the crayonville blog.

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