Friday Wrap #93: Goodbye Wildfire and Qik, social conversions suffer, desktop search declines

Friday Wrap #93The Friday Wrap is your weekly source of curated news, research, reports and posts that may have slipped by unnoticed, but that could prove useful to communicators and marketers. I collect items that I consider including in the Wrap (as well as my podcast) at my link blog, Links From Shel, which you’re welcome to follow.

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It was a mere two years ago when Google ponied up $250 million for Wildfire, a social media management system. this week, the search giant announced it would sunset the service, leaving customers like Amazon, Cisco Systems, The GAP, and Dairy Queen scrambling to find a replacement. “Google is no longer… Read More »

Friday Wrap #82: Facebook’s teen problem, lackluster native ad results, CSR’s growing importance

Friday Wrap Champagne BottleHere at Holtz Communication + Technology, we hope your holiay season has been everything you wished for and that 2014 brings you success and happiness. Even as things wound down for the year at HC+T headquarters, I still collected a treasure trove of great stories you may have missed. You can check out (and follow) the collection of stories from which I select items for the Wrap at

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Teens fleeing Facebook doesn’t mean much

Facebook has acknowledged that teens are leaving the social network for other services where their parents can’t keep track of them, and a recent UK study confirms the teen… Read More »

Friday Wrap #80: Sales from social, Instagram direct messages, controversy sweet spots, print lives

Friday Wrap #80

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I don’t usually start the Wrap with a commercial, but I want to let you know about an eight-week, interactive, online workshop I’m presenting with my friend and colleague, Thornley Fallis CEO Joseph Thornley. For the third year, we’re offering the course on strategic social media through IABC. Each week, you’ll work through a multimedia learning module created using a state-of-the-art online learning program. There are opportunities for discussion on a closed Facebook group with other workshop participants and Joe and me participating.  And each week we host a conference call to review key points and address… Read More »

Is there room for clickbait in your content marketing strategy?

UpworthyContent marketing in all its guises is designed to attract and engage a target audience. Ultimately, you want those audiences to do business with you, but you have to find and engage them first.

Those guises included everything from thoughtful articles injected into editorial streams via native advertising schemes to clever tweets deployed during a real-time event. I’m still on the fence about DiGiorno Pizza’s stream of tweets during NBC’s live telecast of The Sound of Music. PRNewswer’s Shawn Paul Wood thought they were awesome, they actually were clever, and they were consistent with the nature of tweets sent normally by the… Read More »

PR must abide by and overcome search restrictions on native advertising

A native ad from SAP in ForbesDevelopments in the still inchoate world of native advertising have rendered Google’s policies problematic. Initially well-intentioned, Google’s heels-dug-in position could result in keeping people from finding the relevant, valuable content they’re looking for.

Google’s position has been clear for years: Content that has been paid for needs to be nofollowed to keep it from passing PageRank. Articles and posts that violate the policy could lead Google to penalize the site. Google reinforced the policy just last month, though, updating its official policy document to include native advertising (along with guest-posting campaigns).

Read More »

Friday Wrap #54: Vine for Android, internal social benefits, digital-savvy boards, WSJ vs. LinkedIn

Friday Wrap #54

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Hardly a week goes by without some big news dominating our attention, making it harder to catch some of the lesser-reported stories that still could be of value for communication professionals. This week, the sacking of the entire Chicago Sun-Times photo desk was at the top of the heap, and the implications of that decision will reverberate for some time. (On the one hand, everybody can shoot photos with their phones and reporters should know how to capture images for the stories they’re reporting; on the other, professional photography does stand out and in the shift to social-visual communication, the move could… Read More »

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