Broadband users not a homogenous group

A lot of online marketing is being done based on the premise that more and more people who use the Net have made the switch to broadband/high-speed access. That’s true: broadband growth continues at a healthy clip, a 60% compound annual growth, according to Leichtman Research. But that doesn’t mean everybody using broadband fits the same profile, a mistake that marketers could easily make when lumping these folks into the same bucket (e.g., they are able to consumer lots of videos from services like YouTube.

In fact, there are five distinct types of broadband users, according to Netpop | Portraits, part of the Netpop series of studies… Read More »

SNCR submission deadline extended to Sept. 15

The Society for New Communication Research (SNCR) is still looking for case studies to be part of its first annual awards program. Case studies can now be submitted through Friday, September 15.

These awards aren’t a beauty contest, but rather an opportunity to “recognize excellence in the use of new communications models and solutions,” according to an SNCR press release. The case studies become part of the body of knowledge the Society will make available to businesses seeking to get a better handle on what works in the world of new media.

The awards will be presented at the NCR Research Symposium & Awards Gala, November 1-2 in… Read More »

A collaborative list of what to monitor

Cameron Olthuis got the ball rolling on his blog, “Pronet Advertising,” with a list of “10 things you should be monitoring.” Steve Rubel took the ball and ran with it, adding more items to the list. Jeremiah Owyang added seven items on his blog. Then Joseph Jaffe extended the list further on Jaffe Juice.

No doubt, several others in the communications blogging community can add more to this list, but the fragmented nature of blogs means some will add to one list, others to another, and the whole collaborative effort will spiral into chaos.

But that’s what wikis are for. So I’ve copied the entire list as it stands to The New PR, where… Read More »

SNCR kicks off first awards program

The Society for New Communication Research has opened the call for entries for its first annual awards program. The program is designed to recognize the best uses of social media by business, academic institutions, and professionals. What it’s not is a beauty contest—any entry that meets the criteria for excellence will be recognized. The idea behind the awards program is to surface examples of excellence that can be added to the SNCR’s store of knowledge.

In case you haven’t heard of it, the SNCR is a non-profit global think tank dedicated to the advanced study of new media and emerging modes of communication and their effect on… Read More »

Old tools still matter

To hear some people, you’d think business should abandon traditional communication channels and dive into social computing to deliver its messages and address its issues. The audience, we are told, has no interest in being talked to; we must, at all costs, accommodate a growing desire among the audience to be engaged in conversation.

I do believe in the conversation and the shift to a social computing environment and all the consequences for business and communications. However, nothing changes everything and I’ve maintained for years that the new tools should be added to the old, not replace them.

Validation came while I was reading… Read More »

Pew out with latest Internet demographics

The Pew Internet and American Life Project released its latest Internet demographic findings today. Men still use the Internet more actively than women, according to the report, but women are catching up. Some of the findings:

  • Men still continue to try new technologies first
  • Men log on to the Net more frequently, spend more time online, and are more likely to have high-speed access
  • Women are more enthuiastic online communicators, using email more as a vehicle for staying in touch with friends and family
  • Men are more likely to use email to communicate with companies and other organizations
  • Men search for and use more kinds of… Read More »

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