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Cameron Olthuis got the ball rolling on his blog, “Pronet Advertising,” with a list of “10 things you should be monitoring.” Steve Rubel took the ball and ran with it, adding more items to the list. Jeremiah Owyang added seven items on his blog. Then Joseph Jaffe extended the list further on Jaffe Juice.

No doubt, several others in the communications blogging community can add more to this list, but the fragmented nature of blogs means some will add to one list, others to another, and the whole collaborative effort will spiral into chaos.

But that’s what wikis are for. So I’ve copied the entire list as it stands to The New PR, where everybody can work on a single master list.



  • 1.I'm a little late to this party, but last week Pronet Advertising put together a list of 10 Things You Should be Monitoring.  Jeremiah Owyang added numbers 11-17 and Joseph Jaffe added numbers 18-23.  Shel Holtz even set up a page of the ...

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