Friday Wrap #97: Trading your legal rights for likes, CAPTCHA’s failings, Facebook algorithm change

Friday Wrap #97The Friday Wrap is a summary of posts and articles from the past week that didn’t get the big headlines (like the tale of US Airways’ pornographic tweet and the employee who sent it who wasn’t fired). These are reports and studies that may have skipped by under your radar, yet still could be useful or interesting to communicators and marketers. I collect the stories from which I assemble the Wrap at my link blog, which you’re welcome to follow at LinksFromShel.


Like a Facebook page, give up your rights—General Mills has revised the terms of service on its website. Now, according to the language, a customer that downloads a… Read More »

Friday Wrap #95: Boost for financial services social media, voice-recognition mobile ads, and more

Friday Wrap #95Greetings from Orlando, where I spoke twice yesterday at Ragan Communications’ annual Social Media and Communications conference. This Friday Wrap—a little shorter than usual and a bit more hastily prepared—is your weekly source of curated news, research, reports and posts that may have slipped by unnoticed, but that could prove useful to communicators and marketers. I collect items that I consider including in the Wrap (as well as my podcast) at my link blog, Links From Shel, which you’re welcome to follow.


SEC approves third-party social media endorsements—The financial services industry has been one of the latest to the… Read More »

Friday Wrap #88: Brand journalism, crowdsourcing causes, branded stickers, apology watch, and more

Friday Wrap #88
Happy Valentine’s Day!
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The Friday Wrap is a weekly compendium of articles of interest to communicators that may h ave flown by under your radar. I collect stories from which I cull the items that will appear in the Wrap on my link blog,; I also draw on this curated collection for items I report on my podcast, The Hobson and Holtz Report. Feel free to follow the link blog to stay on top of all kinds of interesting news, reports and analysis.

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Journalists are tapping brand journalism as a source

Companies are increasingly adopting the concept of brand journalism—employing… Read More »

Friday Wrap #84: Jelly breaks news, Facebook readies app and trending topics, GP lets employees post

The Definition of WrapIt was 20 years ago today…that the earth shook and my life changed. The Northridge Earthquake struck just after 4 a.m., while it was still dark. I lived in Granada Hills at the time, just a few miles from the epicenter. I was born in Hollywood and raised in the San Fernando Valley. I was no stranger to earthquakes, which for natives is more an occasion for wagering (“I have $5 that says it was 4.7”) than for terror. But this was different. It felt as though some giant had grasped my house and was shaking it as violently as it could. Every time I tried to get out of bed (my daughter was screaming), I was thrown back down. The damage was… Read More »

Six reasons there will be no Content Shock

Content Crash
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The information overload soothsayers are at it again. This time, the warning comes from Mark Schaefer, the sharp-minded, forward-thinking executive director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions. In a recent blog post that has gotten a lot of attention (206 comments, 263 Facebook shares, 509 tweets, 127 LinkedIn shares, and 323 plus-ones), Schaefer warns that we are about to be hit with “content shock,” which he defines as “the emerging marketing epoch defined when exponentially increasing volumes of content intersect our human capacity to consume it.”

The point, Schaefer says (and illustrates with a chart) is that… Read More »

Friday Wrap #82: Facebook’s teen problem, lackluster native ad results, CSR’s growing importance

Friday Wrap Champagne BottleHere at Holtz Communication + Technology, we hope your holiay season has been everything you wished for and that 2014 brings you success and happiness. Even as things wound down for the year at HC+T headquarters, I still collected a treasure trove of great stories you may have missed. You can check out (and follow) the collection of stories from which I select items for the Wrap at

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Teens fleeing Facebook doesn’t mean much

Facebook has acknowledged that teens are leaving the social network for other services where their parents can’t keep track of them, and a recent UK study confirms the teen… Read More »

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