They’ll let anybody into this profession

You gotta read Frank Barnako’s column today about the email pitch for an energy drink he received from Beverage Marketing USA President Richard Davis. The pitch included the email addresses of everybody else to whom it was sent—and there were hundreds—in the “To” line, including the likes of Andrea Koppel and Anderson Cooper.

Send it to the Bad Pitch Blog, Frank.

PRWeek releases CEO survey

I just got word by email that PRWeek has released its annual CEO survey, this year looking less at communications and more at “the issues and information that impact corporate strategy.” The PRWeek story suggests that the factors a CEO considers when making decisions “is a combination of information and experience, advisors and gut instinct, and PR pros have a critical role to play in this mix.”

I haven’t had a chance to go over the story—and won’t for a bit, since I’m about to go deliver a talk—but the email I received from Tim McHugh at Plesser Holland (handling PR for PRWeek, I guess) points to these findings:

Requirements released for social media press release

Chris Heuer and the social media press release working group have released the requirements for a social media release. Published to the working group’s blog, the requirements dive deep into “the key elements of the Social Media Release that we have identified over the course of our discussion,” Heuer writes in his November 2 post:

The Social Media Release is intended to make it easier on people to identify and share the most important pieces of information with others around the globe while adding their own valuable perspective and/or editorial. It also takes full advantage of HTML, multimedia and the network effects enabled by the…

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Does PR add value to the blogosphere?

On November 1, I posted an item to this blog, part of the ongoing Edelman/Wal-Mart kerfuffle. In that post, I noted that the interview Edelman CEO Richard Edelman gave to IT World would be dissected, “the group of bloggers who don???t like PR people being in the blogosphere,” as Richard put it. In response, Amy Bellinger commented:

I???m afraid I am one of them???in the ???group of bloggers who don???t like PR people being in the blogosphere.??? Former, disillusioned PR person. Question for you, Shel, what value do you think PR adds to the blogosphere? Not value for companies; value for bloggers and readers of blogs.

First off, I… Read More »

NMRCast #10 - 11/01/06

The New Media Release Podcast, episode 8 can be downloaded here, heard directly from this page, or subscribed to via the NMRCast feed. Also, the Apple iTunes subscription is now available here or by searching for NMRCast at the Apple iTunes store under “podcasts.” If you subscribe to the FIR “everything” feed, however, this podcast will not be included.

Content summary:Participants: Chris Heuer announces Nov. 2 release of social media release requirements. Chris joins Brian Solis and Shel Holtz to discuss social media release metrics.

Show notes for Nov. 1 2006

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Welcome to NMRCast episode #10, a 32-minute podcast recorded live from… Read More »

Clueless hacks

This ought to get your attention, from an article by Trevor Butterworth in STATS, George Mason University’s website “checking out the facts and figures behind the news:”…a truism among journalists that most PR hacks are clueless; clueless about how the media actually works, clueless about what their clients actually do, and just generally clueless about everything.

The article suggests that the other side of the coin is characterized by devious PR reps who sound like they know what they’re talking about but are actually out to outsmart journalists.
Another story appearing in the media recently—this time the Orlando Sentinel… Read More »

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