Pointers (1-11-06)

Another podcasting transcription service has sprung up, this one called Casting Words. The service uses a network of human transcribers (no voice-to-text software) and promises a quick turnaround at 42-cents (US) per minute. The idea behind podcast transcription is to get podcast content into the realm of content you can search via Google and other search engines. As Podzinger and other search engines that allow you to search audio directly improve, they’re likely to be integrated into the general search engines rendering the need for transcriptions obsolete. For now, though, it’s not a bad idea.

First there as the Million Dollar… Read More »

Pointers (1-10-06)

Lawrence Lessig (constitutional law professor, author, blogger, Creative Commons innovator) has produced a downloadable version of a presentation he created to address the fair use implications of the Google Books project. His blog addresses how he created what turned out to be an 85 MB file (available as a BitTorrent seed). The presentation includes the slides and Lessig’s voice.

A couple RSS notes:

  • FeedMail Now! is a new service that lets you use RSS as a means of communicating with friends and co-workers via RSS feeds instead of email. The press release claims, “FeedMail Now! turns an RSS feed reader into an electronic mailbox.… Read More »

Pointers (1-3-06)

A C|Net article has a couple fabulous examples of the benefits of monitoring the blogosphere. If you’re trying to convince management to fund the cost of monitoring, send them this article.

I’ve never been a fan of fear as a PR tactic, and the strike-fear-in-their-hearts approach now appearing on the Grokster site is an example of fearmongering at its worst. Grokster, remember, is the file-sharing site that was shut down by the courts in the face of RIAA and MPAA actions. Visitors now are greeted with the warning that using the site to trade copyrighted material is illegal, and then tells you, “YOUR IP ADDRESS IS XX.XXX.XXX.XXX AND HAS… Read More »

Pointers (12-30-05)

Chris Anderson over at The Long Tail blog points to a Wired magazine wiki that lists Fortune 500 blogs. Too bad Wired wasn’t aware of The New PR; it would have been no problem to extract the Fortune 500 blogs from Constantin’s lists rather than start from scratch. Who knows? They may have even turned up one or two they didn’t know about. The list doesn’t include anybody using blogs internally, but Jeremy Wright’s list does.

Reuters is offering a free streaming video news utility to anybody who wants to stream Reuters video news from their site. Robin Good has details and the player for your viewing pleasure.

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