Tagged! How I keep track of most of it

Mitch Joel has tagged me (and several others) after responding to a query from Kevin Behringer, author of the Fly-Over Marketing blog. Here’s Kevin’s question:

How do you manage it all?!?

You read a lot of books, blogs, etc. How do you record it all or track it to actually use it? One of the things I’m struggling with right now.”

The easy answer is that I don’t manage it all. Undoubtedly, stuff falls through the cracks. I’m not aware that I’m letting them fall untilI try to recall them later and can’t find them archived anywhere. As a result, I either spend too much time tracking them down or just give up.

That’s the exception,… Read More »

Pointers: 08/03/07

I’ve noted in a number of posts that the reason businesses should jump into Second Life is that the web at large is going to evolve into a 3D world. I’ve also noted that several business publications have made the same prediction. The current issue of BusinessWeek features a two-page spread on the subject. From BusinessWeek.

Second Life has had the 3D social world pretty much to itself, but that could change as Multiverse launches. Based on the way Multiverse works, it could become (or serve as the model for) the platform that trasforms the web into a 3D environment.


People who don’t like or understand Wikipedia always start with… Read More »

Pointers (4-12-06)

P Q Media has released a study that suggests ad spending for RSS feeds, blogs, and podcasts will reach about $50 million this year. While that’s a fraction of a drop of the total spent on advertising, it does represent a nearly 150% increase over spending on these media last year. Most of the ad dollars are going to blogs, according to the study.

If Hollywood can do it, anybody can. Here’s an item Blogspottingabout a movie production that was managed using a JotSpot wiki. Incidentally, Neville and I (and our agent) are using JotSpot to write our podcasting book.

Headline of the week. Maybe the month. Maybe the year.

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Pointers (2-28-06)

So your IT department is resisting blogs and wikis on the intranet? Maybe they’ll warm up to the idea if they derive some genuine value from these tools themselves. Nothing like enlightened self-interest to helpl clear a path. Linux Journal has a piece spelling out all the ways IT departments can benefit from blogs and wikis.

Speaking of wikis, Information Week talks about the various uses of wikis as a workplace tool.

PC World‘s Australia edition explains why companies without blogs are missing out on important customer insights.

Pointers (2-2-06)

A graphic designer has taken a stab at redesigning the spartan Google homepage. He explains his redesign in detail, and the result has its merits.

A column in the Online Journalism Review offers up six ways to improve Wikipedia.

Here’s breaking news: If somebody in your company puts something on a web page, it can be found by a search engine. Dell Computers was shocked by the revelation.

Some remarkably stupid ideas are coming out of the newspaper business, which is already on the ropes. Despite the fact that search engines drive traffic to their sites they would otherwise never get, they want the search engines to pay them. However… Read More »

Pointers (01-23-06)

Wired magazine ponders whether Howard Stern might not have been better off switching to a podcast instead of satellite radio. After all, he said it wasn’t about the money, but rather the freedom to speak his mind. Of course, half a billion dollars is a pretty good incentive for going the second-best route.

What does the pharmaceutical industry need to do in order to rehabilitate its image, which could wind up ranking somewhere below tobacco companies? BusinessWeek explores the PR issues facing the pharma biz in the post-Vioxx and Celebrex era.

The Poughkeepsie Journal offers two articles on IBM—one dealing with employee blogs and the… Read More »

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