Like podcasts? Pass on the iPod Shuffle

Apple Computer unveiled its latest iPod product at MacWorld, the iPod Shuffle, a flash MP3 player about the size of a pack of chewing gum. The Shuffle mounts as a hard drive on your computer, and its AutoFill software automatically chooses songs from your music library. You decide how much of the space is allocated to music and how much to data. AutoFill loads the part designated for music.

For those who listen to podcasts, this approach renders the Shuffle useless. According to an article on, podcasting innovator Adam Curry noted in his Daily Source Code podcast, “Apple hasn’t picked up on podcasting because they are… Read More »

Podcast reviews

You can review products at, books at and movies at Why not podcasts? After all, with new podcasts emerging at a remarkable pace, it’s tough to decide which ones to try out. You might think some of the podcast directories would let listeners comment, but so far, there are only a couple of sites dedicated to reviewing podcasts. “The New, New Podcast Review” is the latest, a blog that offers “fair and balanced podcast reviews.” According to the FAQ on the blog:

“These will be reviews of podcasts and the occasional podcasting website. The podcast reviews rate the ‘cast on a scale of 5 stars, in the areas of…

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What it takes to be an A-list podcaster

Wired News offers a nice look at podcasting with a focus on the A-list podcasters. The piece quotes “Cluetrain Manifesto” co-author, blogger and podcaster Doc Searls: “To me, it’s sort of like evaluating an ecosystem when there are three blades of grass pushing up through the dirt.“I think it’s the future of whatever the people will replace radio with…. It’s a way for the demand side to supply itself.”

The article delves into some of the characteristics of early podcasting success, including the need to be quirky, cliquey and cultish. Neville and I are listening. Does the PR profession qualify as a cult?… Read More »

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