Friday Wrap #18: Facebook brand pages, mobile-friendly suites, Twitter-fearing execs, Klout/Bing

Friday Wrap
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Is it Friday already? Where did this week go? While the days have been zipping by, news has continued apace in the worlds of digital and social media, PR and organizational communication, and business. Here’s this week’s wrap of what I found most interesting (but didn’t use as blog fodder). You can always keep track of what I put in the hopper for the Wrap (as well as my podcast) at my link blog.

Maybe you should give that Facebook page more attention

As companies began promoting their Facebook pages a couple years ago, a chorus of criticism arose arguing that a property someone else owned was a poor choice for your… Read More »

Five ways to bring the Pinterest-and-Instagram-fueled image-sharing trend to your intranet

Internal ImagesVisual communication has grown into a bona fide social trend. Most trends that take root on the web ultimately find their way onto intranets. That hasn’t happened yet with the compulsion we have acquired for sharing images. The fact that tools aren’t available yet to integrate into your internal platforms shouldn’t stop you, though, from tapping into this increasingly common behavior.

The trend

Photo sharing has been around for a long time. A number of photo sharing services came and went while the mainstays struggled to find both a niche and revenue models. Yahoo has allowed Flickr to languish even as companies used them to create… Read More »

Is your site optimized for pinning?

The proliferation of Pinterest-like sites tells me that Pinterest has tapped into something basic, a desire to share images more easily and with more focused purpose than the traditional photo-sharing sites. Since Pinterest has become the social service du jour, a number of other sites that duplicate the fundamental idea—collections of large easy-to-share images—have sprung up.

I’m regularly directed to Gentlemint, described as “Pinterest for men,” despite the fact that a growing number of men now have a Pinterest presence. Chill is a video bookmarking site that lets you create pinboard-like views of the videos you want to share; a… Read More »

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