Washington Post invites co-created video

This could be loads of fun.

The Washington Post has launched a consumer participation activity that starts with a video of political reporter Dana Milbank asking questions. You’re invited to download the video and, using your own software, insert your own answers. (The premise: You’re a candidate in an election that’s a week away.) The questions themselves are fun to watch, but it’ll be entertaining as hell to see what people come up with.

Shel Holtz

It’s not a contest, exactly, since there’s no judging and no winners. In fact, the Post says it’ll continue to upload new videos for as long as people continue to submit them. Viewers will rate and… Read More »

A podcast on the new-media press release

A few weeks back, I joined a Google Groups list of communicators interested in participating in a discussion about the evolution of the new-media press release. That list is up to about 50 participants, but there hasn’t been much activity lately. I was delighted to get a call a few days back from Chris Heuer, who invited me to participate in an initial podcast discussion about the new-media release. Chris is the driving force behind the mailing list, which emerged from a discussion he had with Silicon Valley Watcher blogger Tom Foremski, who initiated the whole concept with his post, “Die, Press Release. Die! Die! Die!” Chris was also… Read More »

WOM marketing study released

While adoption of formal word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing campaigns has been relegated to a few organizations, a new study suggests that a second wave of advertisers and marketers are prepared to employ a WOM approach to their efforts.

The study, Perceptions, Praactices and Ethics in Word-of-Mouth Marketing, was released today by WOM marketing agency BoldMouth and Osterman Research.

According to the study, 34.7% of respondents said they plan to u se WOM marketing. That could grow the total WOM activity to more than $1 billion. Challenges remain, however, as more than half of the organizations participating in the study said they… Read More »

Social media in the enterprise: Part IV

More examples of organizations using social media as part of their internal communications efforts. This one comes from Niall Cook, UK-based Netcoms director for PR agency Hill & Knowlton:

We were the first agency of our size to set up a blogging community for our staff One of the key reasons for doing this was to expose our consultants to social media. We don’t believe in blogging inside the firewall - if something’s worth discussing it’s worth discussing with others - but what we are seeing is how these blogs are actually driving internal conversations across geographies, time zones and practice areas. You only need look at…

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CGM in the news

Consumer Generated Media (CGM) has been in the news the last couple days. Two items in particular caught my attention.

First, blogger Derek Powazek has called for an end to the use of the term “User Generated Content.” I suppose that would be UCG. Funny, that wasn’t one of the many three-letter-words I’ve heard applied to the concept of media created by members of the audience instead of the traditional purveyors of content (ad agencies, marketing firms, etc.). Part of the problem is that we haven’t settled on a single term for this stuff. Joseph Jaffe, for instance, likes “citizen media,” if I recall correclty fromthe first of his… Read More »

Chevy Tahoe kerfuffle: Does Chevy get the last word?

A ton of commentary has been levelled at GM’s Chevy Tahoe team over its Apprentice-linked effort to let customers assemble their own TV commercials. BL Ochman figured the fact that negative ads were left on the site over a weekend was a sure sign that the execs in charge weren’t paying attention. Over at AdRants, eyes are rolling over the notion that anyone could construe the campaign as positive. (After reading a New York Times piece, the folks at Adrants saw it differently.)

Perhaps the final word, though, comes from Ed Peper, Chevrolet General Manager, in his post yesterday on GM’s Fastlane blog:

Early on we made the decision that…

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