Live Twittering and the 140-character news cycle

The recent (and very civil) disagreement between Thornley Fallis CEO Joe Thornley and CBC Producer Ira Basen over live Twittering of a talk Basen gave has led me to recall my one and only brush with sports reporting.

I was an intern at the Thousand Oaks News-Chronicle (now defunct, folded into the Ventura County Star), a six-day daily (no paper on Saturday) with a three-person sports staff led by Steve Springer (who, in addition to being the world’s master of puns, went on to cover sports for the Los Angeles Times and write several books).

I was sent to a high school football game with a pocketful of dimes; Whenever the score changed… Read More »

Two new media conferences for your consideration

In the world of new media, there are huge conferences that try to be all things to all people, unconferences and camps in which attendees set the agenda, and small events that focus on specific issues and interests. All three have their place, but I’m a particular fan of the latter. Sure, they charge fees, but that allows the organizers to invest in the conference.

Two such events are coming up. In these economic tough times, with training budgets slashed and restrictions placed on travel, these may not be on your radar. But both are worth your consideration. By way of disclosure, I’m speaking at each of these.

Shel HoltzThe Society for New… Read More »

SNCR award deadline approaches

When you’re well-connected to the community of communicators applying social media to their companies’ and clients’ communication challenges, you come across a lot of truly excellent case studies. If you’ve produced such an effort, why not get recognized for it?

Recognition does far more than boost your ego. When honored for a program you executed that some in your company don’t understand, the fact that an esteemed group of judges deemed it worthwhile can elevate the value of the program in the eyes of company decision-makers. The more exposure of award-winning strategic applications of social media, the greater the number of… Read More »

Tagged! How I keep track of most of it

Mitch Joel has tagged me (and several others) after responding to a query from Kevin Behringer, author of the Fly-Over Marketing blog. Here’s Kevin’s question:

How do you manage it all?!?

You read a lot of books, blogs, etc. How do you record it all or track it to actually use it? One of the things I’m struggling with right now.”

The easy answer is that I don’t manage it all. Undoubtedly, stuff falls through the cracks. I’m not aware that I’m letting them fall untilI try to recall them later and can’t find them archived anywhere. As a result, I either spend too much time tracking them down or just give up.

That’s the exception,… Read More »

Who you gonna call? Expert or amateur?

I’m on a real “new media doesn’t kill old media” kick this week.

There has been a lot of interesting commentary in the wake of Encyclopaedia Britannica’s announcement last week. (Disclosure: Britannica has been a client.) In case you missed it, Britannica is broadening its collaborative features, allowing both experts and readers to contribute content without diminishing the authoritative, edited content at the core of its offerings.

One post I read has had me thinking about the issue of experts versus the crowd. Tim Bulkeley, writing in Sansblogue, says…

This reads to me dangerously like the tyranny of “experts” that every…

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Even snackers eat full meals

snackersKevin Dugan tagged me on the MediaSnackers meme, a concept I’ve been digesting (pun fully intended) before juping into well-covered territory. The question: How do you respect MediaSnackers?

By way of background, Jeremiah Owyang started the meme on October 24 by presenting the video from the MediaSnackers site and offering a terse definition:

What???s a mediasnacker? Folks who consume small bits of information, data or entertainment when, where, and how they want.

I’ve now read at least 15 posts contributing to the meme, subscribed to the MediaSnackers feed, watched several related videos…basically, I’ve gorged on snacks. Here are… Read More »

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