Sweeping statements

I stumbled across a post from back in April that included a statement I had to re-read several times to make sure I had it right: “Most PR bloggers are rarely critical of the industry and are genuinely giddy about the power of blogging.” The post, from The Bivings Group’s Rita Desai, makes two sweeping statements in one sentence. I have problems with both of them, but mostly the first.

I don’t read every PR blog, but I read about 50 of them, and one of the things I like about them—what keeps me coming back—is the remarkable degree of candor most of them display in their criticism of the PR industry. Not every post, of course, but… Read More »

A necessarily living document

On the heels of its introduction of the social media press release, SHIFT Communications has introduced a 30-page PDF guide to the world of social media aimed squarely at the public relations community. As SHIFT’s Todd Defren points out on his blog, regular participants and readers in the PR blogosphere won’t find much new here, but most practitioners aren’t anywhere near up to speed on the tools that are altering the communication landscape or how to use them.

The free download—titled “PR 2.0 Essentials: A Necessarily Living Document”—is neatly organized, covering RSS, blogs, podcasts, wikis, social networks and social bookmarking.… Read More »

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