Friday Wrap #118: More 9/11 abuse, corporate blogging declines, customer service as experience

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Welcome to the Friday Wrap, my weekly summary of stuff I’ve found in the last seven days that didn’t grab the big headlines but is still important, interesting, and/or worthwhile for communicators and marketers. I collect these on my link blog, which you’re welcome to follow.


It was 9/11, and marketers were idiots again—When will marketers finally figure out that brands aren’t people and 9/11 tributes won’t be received well? People will see marketing undercurrents in the most respectful messages, which is what happened when White Castle produced a non-salesy image that earned the reply in one… Read More »

Friday Wrap #94: New Twitter features, Google Glass class, marketers struggle with digital, and more

Friday Wrap #93The Friday Wrap is your weekly source of curated news, research, reports and posts that may have slipped by unnoticed, but that could prove useful to communicators and marketers. I collect items that I consider including in the Wrap (as well as my podcast) at my link blog, Links From Shel, which you’re welcome to follow.

Breaking News

Twitter makes photos more social—Twitter has introduced two new mobile features designed to make photos on the platform more social, according to the Twitter blog. Taking a page from Facebook, Twitter has enabled tagging, letting you tag up to 10 people in an image without affecting your 140-character… Read More »

Friday Wrap #33: Responsive design, animated GIFs, measurement standards, search engine for tablets

Friday Wrap #33The past week has presented the Wrap with an embarrassment of riches. The challenge: Which items to include? To see the abundance of stories from which I had to choose, visit my link blog, where I collect stories and posts for consideration in the Wrap and on my podcast. The link blog is at

How to generate buzz? Extraordinary customer service will do it

We are so accustomed to lackluster customer service that when somebody steps up and delivers exceptional service, it’s noteworthy. It’s also frequently not that hard. Consider the response from a LEGO customer service rep to an eight-year-old who wrote in… Read More »

Social Net Advocacy: How Dell weaves social data into business processes

Raj Narang and Munish GuptaThere are companies that talk about becoming a social enterprise. Then there are those that invest in it. Dell’s investment has resulted in multiple patent applications for technologies designed to be used just internally.

The tool—Social Net Advocacy (SNA)—was on display last month at Dell World 2012 in Austin. I had a chance to spend some time with Marketing Decision Sciences and Social Media Analytics Executive Director Raj Narang (left) and Social Media Marketing Director Munish Gupta, who gave me an in-depth demo of the tool.

Data from several social sources are fed into the tool, which provides insights into customer sentiment… Read More »

Friday Wrap #28:Time-delayed social media, calls to action, enterprise app stores, SOCL is open

Friday Wrap #28The weekend is upon us; let’s wrap up the week gone by. I collect all the items I consider sharing here on a link blog at LinksFromShel; it’s also where I draw some inspiration for blog posts and the material I’ll cover in my podcast. You’re always welcome to add it to your resources.

Time delay may be applied to State Department posts

All the research tells us that clear policies and training are the best way to avoid problems with employees engaging in social media. Evidently nobody shared that information at the U.S. State Department, which may opt instead to subject anything a staff member writes for any social media channel to at… Read More »

Friday Wrap #24: Big Data, digitally mature companies, content hubs, new story forms, and more

Friday Wrap #24

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It’s time to wrap up the week with a look at some news and other posts that caught my eye. The complete listing of items I’ve bookmarked from which to select Friday Wrap items is, as always, at

Election results secure Big Data’s place; are you ready?

There was no hope that I’d be able to produce this Friday’s Wrap without some reference to Tuesday’s U.S. presidential election. The role Big Data played in President Obama’s victory is important to review, regardless of which candidate you supported, or even if you’re outside the U.S. and really don’t give a damn. In a Time Magazine piece,… Read More »

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