A New Model for Employee Communication, Part 4: Listening

A New Model for Employee Communiation, Part 4: Listening

This is the latest installment in a series of posts exploring a new model of employee communication, one designed to deliver measurable results that demonstrate the impact on the organization in ways that matter to leaders. In this post, we continue examining the outer ring of the model with a look at listening.

Revised Employee Communication Model

The series:
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Overview
Part 3: Alignment

The outer ring of the model represents the work that employee communicators engage in every day; they are infused in all communications. Listening is the second outer ring segment and a critical communication activity. After all, it’s tough to… Read More »

Friday Wrap #200: Wendy’s rules Twitter, coping with fake news, a deceptive Instagram account & more

Friday Wrap #200I extract items for the Wrap from my link blog, which you’re welcome to follow. To make sure you never miss an issue, subscribe to my weekly email briefing.

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On January 26, I’ll share 10 innovative and unexpected tactics communicators can employ immediately to build engagement. I’ll also talk about how engagement fits in a broader employee communication strategy designed to deliver bottom-line business results and distribute a tip sheet. Register


Medium’s new trajectory—Twitter-co-founder Ev Williams announced a pivot for Medium, the publishing platform he founded. Included in the shift is the elimination of… Read More »

Friday Wrap #199: Echo witnesses a murder, Russia protests via meme, brands prep for Trump attacks

Friday Wrap #199This is traditionally a slow news week, so it’s a shorter-than-usual Wrap this week (and likely next week, as well, unless CES delivers some surprises). I extract items for the Wrap from my link blog, which you’re welcome to follow. To make sure you never miss an issue, subscribe to my weekly email briefing.

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No, engagement isn’t dead—I have been surprised to see so many articles proclaiming the death of employee engagement. The data they cite is fine; the conclusions they draw are absurd. While employees may not seek engagement, they do crave the things that engage them. And while too many surveys are more focused on… Read More »

PR needs to be ready for fake news targeting companies

Fake News is Coming to Companies

Allergan’s Botox will soon be available for dog and cat cosmetic treatments!
GE discourages Muslim children from pursuing STEM education!
Engineer due to testify in case against Bechtel found shot to death!
Walmart sells Chinese-made toy that kills 100s of children!
CVS importing fake drugs from Syria!

None of these stories, of course, are true, nor have they appeared anywhere. I made them up. But that doesn’t mean these stories and others like them—stories that could influence perceptions of your company and affect its sales—couldn’t appear on some obscure site you’ve never heard of and spread like wildfire through social media.

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If listening is half of communicating, it should be half of what employee communicators do

Listening to employees should be an internal communications responsibility

An employee at an A&W root beer stand near the airport in Washington, D.C. noticed something interesting. Some customers were dropping the meals and snacks they bought into their carry-ons. The behavior increased over time. The employee told his boss about it and his boss listened, adding a new service: delivering boxed lunches to planes on the tarmac. That led American Airlines to start ordering the prepackaged lunches for 22 flights daily. Since then, the service has expanded to more than 100 airports, bringing revenue to the franchise root beer stand it might never have seen had it not been for an observant employee and a boss… Read More »

FIR Podcast #35: Everybody hates change

Cross-posted from the FIR Podcast Network

Today’s panel features DomainSkate COO Howard Greenstein, Scott Monty Strategies founder Scott Monty, and Trafalgar Communications principal Donna Papacosta, along with host Shel Holtz, exploring these topics:

  • Facebook’s Trending Topics kerfuffle, what it means for communicators, and the broader implications of trying to get a message across to people who live in the “filter bubble”
  • Instagram’s new logo, which (if you just read tweets in the first 24 hours) everybody hated
  • The state of domain fraud, how it’s like sexually transmitted diseases, and why it means IT and marketing… Read More »

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