Work-life balance is dead. Deal with it.

Former GE CEO Jack Welch is causing quite a stir today with remarks quoted in a Wall Street Journal article insisting that, for women, there’s no such thing as work-life balance. There are consequences to the choices you make, Welch says, and if you’re not at work “in the clutch”—presumably because you’re home dealing with your child or taking maternity leave—you could be passed over when opportunities for promotion arise.

Whether this is cold, hard reality or an unwillingness to accommodate fundamental human biology is open to debate. The fact that men have a competitive advantage simply because they don’t give birth seems… Read More »

The Palm Pre’s missed marketing opportunity

It has now been more than a week since I got my Palm Pre and I’m even happier with it now than I was when I wrote my review last week. I’ve grown comfortable with the interface and the gestures that make it work. I’ve personalized the calendar, contact list, and email. I’ve been using the universal search (which rocks) and the Synergy features, which really do set the Pre apart from the iPhone. And I’ve been using some of the few apps that are available.

As I noted in my review, the phone has only been available for a couple weeks and the SDK (software developer kit) is still being put through its paces prior to release into the wild… Read More »

My review of the Palm Pre

Shel HoltzI finally got my hands on a Palm Pre, which I’m loving.

As much as I have coveted the iPhone, I’ve avoided getting one for a number of reasons. First, there’s AT&T, whose service I abandoned several years ago. The iPhone is great, but it still is exclusive to AT&T, and my experiences that were so bad I’m just not willing to relive them.

Beyond that, I want a real tactile keyboard. Apps are great but email, Twitter and texting occupy most of my time with a smartphone, and I just couldn’t get comfortable typing fast on the screen-based keyboard that is the iPhone’s only option. In fact, most people I know with an iPhone also carry a… Read More »

Is your company about to miss the next communication trend?

Companies and their communicators are well known for missing important technology trends and then having to play catchup. Desktop publishing was the first one I experienced first-hand, followed in rapid succession by email, the World Wide Web, and social media.

When companies miss these developments, not only do they have to struggle to get up to speed, they also have to deal with whatever rushes in to fill the vacuum. When desktop publishing made its first appearance in the mid-1980s, companies without policies and strategies had to cope with departments and employees creating their own newsletters. A presage of things to come, these… Read More »

Using your Blackberry to shoot yourself in the foot

I talk to an increasing number of people who wake up in the morning and instantly grab their Blackberry from the bedside table to check work email. Dealing with work on your smartphone is a huge example of the end of work-life balance, but it’s not the only one. Conference calls with Asia at 2 a.m., getting reports done while on vacation, following work-related developments online over the weekend…it’s all typical for knowledge workers. Just as the news cycle has gone 24 hours, so has the work cycle.

It is because nobody outside of the assembly line works from 9 to 5 that the use of at-work networks for non-work-related activities… Read More »

Utterz steps up its instant online communication game

imageI joined Utterz shortly after it launched. I liked the idea as soon as I heard it: a way to share a thought impulsively by recording it over the phone. The recording is saved to a profile where those who choose to follow you are notified that you have a new Utter. What you Utter can often become a conversation, just as text does on Twitter and video on Seesmic. As with Twitter, you can put a widget on your site that plays your latest Utter. As with YouTube, you can embed an Utter as part of a blog post.

Utterz, Seesmic, and Twitter represent a suite of tools for me. Most often, I’m at my computer and it’s easiest to send a tweet.… Read More »

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