Forbush blogs

ProfNet founder Dan Forbush has started a blog called Media Insider with Maria Perez.  ProfNet has been around forever, one of the first PR services to take advantage of the Net by linking reporters with experts they can interview and quote. Media Insider talks about media outlets and offers advice, like how to get events listed in newspaper calendars. Thanks to Steve Rubel’s Micropersuasion for pointing it out.

Making blogging easier at the ONA

The Online News Association (ONA) offered its participants a blog to report on its 2003 conference. “Since this is a gathering of online journalists,” the blog’s introduction states, “ONA wanted to make the conference as interactive as possible. So we invited participants to share their insights in this weblog.”

For the 2004 conference (Nov. 12-13 in Hollywood, CA), it’ll be even easier for participants to contribute to the blog. According to conference promotion materials, “WiFi access will be available throughout the conference facilities and attendees will be able to post their comments on the ONA’s Participants’ Weblog throughout… Read More »

P2P: The new FM

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is so distressed that people are downloading music without paying for it that they have adopted the intriguing tactic of suing their customers. It’s the only way, they insist, they can persuade people to abandon the copyright infringement inherent in grabbing music from peer-to-peer (P2P) networks like Kazaa. The RIAA estimates file sharing has cost the industry millions of dollars.

The numbers are bogus. It’s easy to estimate the number of files downloaded and multiply by what the downloader would have spent to buy the same music. But it doesn’t account for all the people who… Read More »

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