Business blog ROI

Katie Paine has conceded a point to Shel Israel: As cheap as they are to set up and maintain, there’s really no need to measure the ROI of blogs. After all, is it necessary to measure the ROI of your pants? (Shel denies he ever used this analog, but Katie remembers it.)

There’s much to be said of this argument. If a company installs the open-source Wordpress on its own servers, the cost is limited to bandwidth. For $14 a month, a company can have the top-tier Typepad service without concern for bandwidth use. When measured against cost, it doesn’t take much to justify. One minor positive outcome can tip the scales and rationalize the… Read More »

Research online, buy offline

A study conducted by JupiterMedia for iProspect revealed that nearly half of shoppers who research their purchases online wind up making their purchases offline. That makes some sense. You may find the television or stereo you’re interested in while conducting an online search, but you’ll want to see and hear the products perform before plunking down your hard-earned money.

The problem is that most organizations aren’t tracking these purchases, which means they’re grossly underestimating the impact of their online offerings. “It’s the minority of companies that are tracking offline conversions,” according to iProspect President Rob… Read More »

Commons kick-off

The Communication Commons is up and running.

I’ve been working on the Commons with IABC staff—notably Publications VP Natasha Spring and CTO Chris Hall—for many months, and it’s gratifying to see something online. Now we just need to content to start flowing!

The idea behind this latest online effort from IABC is based on the traditional definition of a commons—some land near town to which all the villagers have access. This bit of virtual property is near IABC, but everybody online can visit and participate. The Commons is, essentially, a community of communication-focused blogs. In its launch phase, three blogs are up and running:

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The heretic and the number cruncher

John Wagner wasn’t too impressed when Katie Paine introduced a new metric she dubbed PR Value Ratio. Wagner, owner and principal of Houston-based Wagner Communications, has posted several subsequent items that elaborate on his position that communication measurement is overrated and will never be a priority. While Wagner finds some measurement valuable, he sums up his dismissal of measurement as a standard PR component on several grounds:

  • The tools are no good
  • The tools don’t measure the right things
  • Clients don’t want to pay for it
  • It’s too much work
  • Some PR efforts don’t lend themselves to measurement

Wagner summed up his initial… Read More »

Katie Paine invents a new PR metric

Mention AVE (advertising value equivalence), and you’ll get eye rolling from any PR practitioner worth his or her salt. The idea of equating column inches of media coverage to the value of paid advertising is ludicrous, so much so that the Institute for Public Relations considers it unprofessional. So when one of Katie Paine’s most important (and favorite) clients asked for help developing a standard AVE calculation everyone reporting to him could use, she found herself in something of a dilemma. The way out was to invent a new metric, the PR Value Ratio (PVR).

Katie describes the PRV on her blog, explaining that it’s based on the… Read More »

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