The heretic and the number cruncher

John Wagner wasn’t too impressed when Katie Paine introduced a new metric she dubbed PR Value Ratio. Wagner, owner and principal of Houston-based Wagner Communications, has posted several subsequent items that elaborate on his position that communication measurement is overrated and will never be a priority. While Wagner finds some measurement valuable, he sums up his dismissal of measurement as a standard PR component on several grounds:

  • The tools are no good
  • The tools don’t measure the right things
  • Clients don’t want to pay for it
  • It’s too much work
  • Some PR efforts don’t lend themselves to measurement

Wagner summed up his initial… Read More »

Katie Paine invents a new PR metric

Mention AVE (advertising value equivalence), and you’ll get eye rolling from any PR practitioner worth his or her salt. The idea of equating column inches of media coverage to the value of paid advertising is ludicrous, so much so that the Institute for Public Relations considers it unprofessional. So when one of Katie Paine’s most important (and favorite) clients asked for help developing a standard AVE calculation everyone reporting to him could use, she found herself in something of a dilemma. The way out was to invent a new metric, the PR Value Ratio (PVR).

Katie describes the PRV on her blog, explaining that it’s based on the… Read More »

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