Friday Wrap #52: Teens on Facebook, paid social ads pay, Vine climbs, Watson goes social, and more

Gum Wrap

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Welcome to the 52nd Wrap—a full year of social/digital media news curation! This past week has seen the introduction of upgrades and new features across a number of popular social sites, along the release of studies that correct some popular misimpressions. I collect these stories throughout the week on my link blog,, and choose those for the Wrap you might have missed in the wake of other, bigger stories. Enjoy!

Study reveals how teens use social media

“Teens are abandoning social media!” a lot of people proclaim. “In droves!!” I have always had a problem with this. Even if teens are… Read More »

Friday Wrap #39: Twitter limits, mobile heat, a tweet’s value, gamifying for collaboration, and more

Friday Wrap #39

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Friday seems to have arrived faster than usual this week. The laws of physics say that’s not possible. I say, Where did the week go? Not that there was any shortage of news you may have missed. Here’s this week’s rundown, drawn from items I have saved to my link blog,

Best laid plans: Twitter limits derail Coke’s Super Bowl plans

If there’s a case to be made for maintaining your own owned platforms in addition to using social channels owned by third parties in your marketing efforts, it’s Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl experience. Despite establishing a social media “war room” to execute plans for… Read More »

Friday Wrap #33: Responsive design, animated GIFs, measurement standards, search engine for tablets

Friday Wrap #33The past week has presented the Wrap with an embarrassment of riches. The challenge: Which items to include? To see the abundance of stories from which I had to choose, visit my link blog, where I collect stories and posts for consideration in the Wrap and on my podcast. The link blog is at

How to generate buzz? Extraordinary customer service will do it

We are so accustomed to lackluster customer service that when somebody steps up and delivers exceptional service, it’s noteworthy. It’s also frequently not that hard. Consider the response from a LEGO customer service rep to an eight-year-old who wrote in… Read More »

Social Net Advocacy: How Dell weaves social data into business processes

Raj Narang and Munish GuptaThere are companies that talk about becoming a social enterprise. Then there are those that invest in it. Dell’s investment has resulted in multiple patent applications for technologies designed to be used just internally.

The tool—Social Net Advocacy (SNA)—was on display last month at Dell World 2012 in Austin. I had a chance to spend some time with Marketing Decision Sciences and Social Media Analytics Executive Director Raj Narang (left) and Social Media Marketing Director Munish Gupta, who gave me an in-depth demo of the tool.

Data from several social sources are fed into the tool, which provides insights into customer sentiment… Read More »

Friday Wrap #32: Google changes, a digital diagnostic framework, Facebook’s Android Pages app & more

Friday Wrap #32

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Here’s the wrap-up of great posts and momentous events from the first week of 2013. If you’re interested in the complete listing of all the content I collected over the past seven days, visit my link blog at

Websites can opt out of Google content scraping

The reporting of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s investigation into Google centers on Google’s big win. The search giant escaped severe anti-trust findings and penalties . Lost in the coverage is the fact that Google did have to make some promises to the FTC over issues the Commission raised. For instance, the FTC explored assertions… Read More »

Friday Wrap #19: recovering from a tweet gaffe, promoted Twitter surveys, Instagram tops Twitter

Friday Wrap

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Announcements have been flying fast and furious this week, so it’s almost all hard news in the Friday Wrap, my weekly review of interesting reports from the previous seven days. Every time I find something I might want to include in the wrap (or on my blog or podcast), I save it to my link blog on Tumblr, which you’re welcome to follow.

KitchenAid recovers nicely from a presidential debate gaffe

Thinking he was using his own account when he was actually on KitchenAid’s official Twitter account, an employee of the appliance company unleashed an offensive anti-Obama tweet during Wednesday’s presidential debate. As… Read More »

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