Stick it to the man for only 99 cents

Bum Rush the Charts” is further proof that some of the best marketing ideas these days come from non-marketers with passion. The passion in this case is for podcasting, which traditional media has not exactly embraced. Sure, some media outlets are producing podcasts, many simple recordings of content played on the radio, and others are delivering original content. But by and large, podcasting is contemptuously dismissed by, for instance, the Recording Industry Association of America.

The folks behind “Bum Rush the Charts” want to change that, and they want to do it all in one day—March 22. On that day, the organizers want you to go to… Read More »

Conversational marketing survey is online. Please take it!

I love it when I can play connector and bring together people who have never met to do something meaningful as a team.

Joseph Jaffe is writing a new book, “Join the COnversation.” Joe’s the blogger behind JaffeJuice and the podcaster behind the new marketing podcast, “Across the Sound. He’s also the president (and “chief interruptor”) at crayon, the new marketing company that now employs me.

For his book, Joe needed a survey to show the status and perceptions of converastional marketing. For the survey, two things were required: an organization to sponsor the survey and somebody with the expertise to draft an effective survey… Read More »

Online spending increases at expense of traditional channels

An annual survey of projected advertising spending reveals that the online world will attract 20% of the advertising dollars spent in 2007, up from 18% last year. Meanwhile, spending on TV, radio, and movie ads will drop 3.5%. (I’m especially glad to hear this about movie ads. I hate spending $10 to get into a flick only to have to sit through a commercial.) Print advertising, on the other hand, is expected to hold steady with 40% of advertising spending in the U.S.

Not everything is rosy for all online advertising. Pay-per-click is expected to drop 1% over concerns about click fraud. Nearly half the advertisers participating in the… Read More »

Top Marketing Blogs: an interesting exercise, but anything more?

Only because I ready Kami Huyse’s blog did I learn that I made Todd And’s Power 150 Top Marketing Blogs list. I came in at #28, just behind Elizabeth Albrycht’s Corporate PR and just ahead of Strumpette. Joseph Jaffe‘s on the list at #11; Steve Rubel’s Micro Persuasion is #15. Even John Wall’s brand-spanking-new Ronin Marketeer got onto the list at #138. And yes, Kami’s on the list, too (#35), as are Jeremy Pepper, Scott Baradell, Kevin Dugan, Josh Hallett, Toby Bloomberg, B.L. Ochman, Katie Paine, Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba, Susan Getgood, Bryan Person and a host of others. In fact, the list looks a lot like my RSS subscription… Read More »

Note to Domino’s: It’s all one company

In the course of my consulting work, I have found about half of every company I work with is going through a “one company” initiative. The focus of these campaigns is to get every employee to recognize and behave like they all work for the same company, regardless of their business unit. This is a particularly important effort in companies that have grown by acquisition. It’s not unusual for employees of an acquired company, two or three years post-acquisition, to answer the question, “Who do you work for?” by naming the company that was bought.

Anybody who has ever called a company with a problem and been told, “That’s another… Read More »

Join Jaffe’s conversation

Using a blog to share drafts of book chapters is getting to be less and less of a renegade approach to authoring. Shel Israel and Robert Scoble got a lot of attention for it with their Naked Conversations blog. Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, has announced he’ll do it for his upcoming book.

It’s a great approach, of course, producing feedback from your target audience that will help you improve the next draft and make it more relevant to prospective readers. But commenting is the limit of the blog’s utility. A wiki would let readers rewrite and add original content. Now that’s interesting.

And that’s what Joseph Jaffe… Read More »

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