Ownership doesn’t necessarily equal hypocricy

A couple days ago, as I was checking out the latest view-count for the Dove “Onslaught” video on You Tube, I stumbled upon a video that took the “Self-Esteem” campaign to task. The video—which included bits and pieces from “Onslaught”—called out Unilever for its alleged hypocricy: The same company that owns Dove and its “Campaign for Real Beauty,” which decries the expectations the beauty and advertising industry force on young girls—also owns Axe, the men’s skin-care line that uses those very same images to sell its product.

Here’s the video:

I’ve been thinking ever since I saw the video about my response. Interestingly, Sarah… Read More »

“Plain English” makes commercial debut

Head on over to PRWeb and you’ll find a prominent link on the home page to a video that explains what distinguishes PRWeb form its competition. The video, produced by Lee LeFever and CommonCraft, applies the same “Plain English” approach used to explain online tools like RSS, social networks, wikis and Google Docs.

It’s the first time the “Paperworks” concept has been sought out by a company as a business communication tool, and it works as well explaining PRWeb as it does the value of a wiki as a planning tool. It’s pretty easy to look at issues companies are facing and see how an approach like this—uploaded to video sharing… Read More »

Upload once and your video is everywhere

YouTube is a channel, not a strategy or a tactic. The tactic that might compel you to upload a video to YouTube would be more like, “Seed a video online in order to get the most possible exposure in hopes the video will go viral.”

The odds of your video going viral are better if the video is available in more than one place. YouTube may be the 800-pound gorilla of video sharing sites, but there are plenty of 500-pound gorillas out there. When crayon handled some social media work for Sneaux Shoes, Steve Coulsen uploaded a video featuring a human skateboard to multiple video sharing sites. As a result, he was able to report back to the… Read More »

A naked conversation

If you’re looking for an example of how to take a marketing campaign viral, Elave may or may not be something you’d want to show to management. The British skin care company has launched a new campaign to spotlight the fact that its products contain no chemicals and therefore they “have nothing to hide.” To drive the point home, the models in the campaign videos are completely nude.

On the brilliant side, the campaign website features embed and share codes. The embed code means this risque video is going to appear on thousands of blogs as the word spreads like wildfire. On the negative side, the models in the videos are unrealistically… Read More »

Social media enables consumer-advertiser conversation

For the last several months, For Immediate Release has been sponsored by CustomScoop, a media clipping service. On each episode, Neville or I read a brief description and invite listeners to take advantage of a free trial.

On Monday’s episode of FIR, a listener—Mike Holladay—wrote in to complain about these sponsorship announcements. They were getting repetitive, he said, and he hoped CustomScoop could come up with something more compelling to fill that 45-second (or so) slot. Mike suggested customer testimonials.

The next day, CustomScoop CEO Chip Griffin sent us an email noting that even he had the feeling that the sponsor bits were… Read More »

Coca-Cola’s community approach to Second Life

Shel HoltzCoca-Cola has entered Second Life by taking an approach other than buying an island, building an edifice, and hoping residents will stop by for a visit. Working with crayon (yes, I’m part of the team, along with several other crayonistas led by C.C. Chapman), Coca-Cola opted to break into the 3D metaverse by getting out amongst the population.

The effort is a competition, labeled “Virtual Thirst.” The idea is for residents (and, in fact, anybody else) to design a Coca-Cola vending machine that dispenses an experience rather than a can or bottle of Coke. Three prototypes were constructed by resident builders and put on display as part… Read More »

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