Friday Wrap #4: Foursquare’s overhaul, social customer service, Pinterest’s curated newsletter

Friday Wrap #4A weekly review of some of the more interesting stories that have crossed my feeds in the last seven days.

Foursquare: The new Yelp?

While the deals have grown more sophisticated, with American Express and some hotel chains applying check-in rewards tied to your account number, growth of Foursquare has slowed. A recent study from Edison Research reveals that 74% of Americans are unfamiliar with the concept of checking in via a mobile device, and only 3% have actually done it.

I’m a 3-percenter. I like reviewing the tips; they’ve paid off for me more times than I can count. So it’s no surprise to find that Foursquare plans to overhaul… Read More »

The check-in earns the latest declaration of death

Last night, I joined some other members of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media advisory board, along with some others attending a conference here in Seattle, at the trendy pan-Asian restaurant, Wild Ginger. Once seated, a Singha cradled in my left hand, I used my right to grab my smartphone and check in.

How 15 minutes ago, right? After all, ReadWriteWeb has proclaimed the check-in dead, pointing out that FourSquare has lost half its web traffic over a recent five-month period, pretty serious stuff, especially in light of FourSquare’s announcement that it had amassed 8.5 million users.

As the company signs up new users, check-in… Read More »

Mobile goes local

Evidence is mounting that, while the Internet is global, people use their Net-connected mobile devices to access local content, information and resources. With mobile devices poised to overtake computers as the online access tool of choice, PR professionals should be resetting their thinking to factor in more location-specific communication solutions

That’s a challenge, since it’s far less resource-intensive to craft a one-size-fits-all interactive solution than one that can be tailored to a local environment or multiple solutions for different locations. But even the most cash-strapped communication department or agency budget can tap… Read More »

Prepare for an explosion of location-based services

compassA backlash of sorts has been forming against location-based services, one of the hot new social categories. Despite the popularity of services like Foursquare and competitors like Gowalla, some have argued that these tools won’t scale. After all, the argument goes, just how many people do you really want knowing where you are at any given time?

It’s a short-sighted observation. There’s far more to location-based social media than checking in so the world can know you’re at the grocery store. (Besides, who really wants to be the mayor of Safeway?)

Justin Davey, author of the GPS Obsessed blog, joined the throng of bloggers offering up… Read More »

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