Friday Wrap #92: Millennials trust user-generated content, Wikipedia may loosen paid advocate rules

Friday Wrap 92The Friday Wrap is my weekly review of news items and posts that caught my attention. It’s not a look at the big digital and social news of the week; I figure you’ve already seen that stuff elsewhere. As I see these items, I save them to my Tumblr link blog; on Friday morning, I choose from the collection the items that appear here. Please feel free to follow the blog to stay on top of all these items I believe are useful for communicators to know.

Above the fold

Content marketers trying to reach the increasingly influential and valuable millennial market, listen up: people born between 1977 and 1997 trust user-generated content 50%… Read More »

Friday Wrap #91: Apple goes social on Tumblr, Getty opens images, PR pros volunteer for Ukraine

Friday Wrap #91You didn’t offer a whisper of protest to the new format for the summary of stories and posts from around the Web, so I’m sticking with it. By the way, I’m writing from a hotel room in Los Angeles—my hometown—where I’m speaking at the Global Intranet Forum. You’re welcome to follow my link blog, where I collect the items from which I draw material for the Wrap, as well as for my podcast, For Immediate Release.

Top stories

Apple, notoriously absent from social media when it comes to hardware, has launched into social media in an unlikely place. The Tumblr blog at is dedicated to the lower-cost, multi-color iPhone. The… Read More »

The 11 vital internal communications trends you’d be crazy to ignore

11 Vital Internal Communications Trends

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A client recently asked me to put together a webinar for the company’s internal communication staff on hot trends in internal communications. In addition to listing the trends that were already top-of-mind for me, I sought out thought leaders in the internal communications space to see what was on their radars. Here are the 11 trends that every employee communicator should bear in mind as 2014 approaches.

1. Mobile

To read some of the tech trades, you would think that BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) was an IT initiative designed to protect the integrity of company data on employees’ personal mobile devices. The truth… Read More »

Employees shrugging off your intranet? It’s probably the platform

square peg in a round hole

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I see my share of intranets.

The intranets I see tend to be the home to content produced by excellent communicators. These smart people understand the role of content in an employee communications strategy. They produce great articles, video and audio. Employees who view their content almost universally like it. Usually, they call me when they can’t figure out why, despite all this, employees turn to a variety of other channels for news, information and collaboration before they turn to the intranet.

In a lot of cases those other channels aren’t optimal. People who need information aren’t on the right email lists,… Read More »

Friday Wrap #64: Upbeat stories get better engagement, Google+ goes internal, bye-bye Tag, and more

Friday Wrap #64
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Social media was front and center in the news this week. Facebook announced it was leading an initiative to bring the Internet to the two-thirds of the world that doesn’t have access, while the Huffington Post made waves by announcing it would no longer permit the posting of anonymous comments. In the midst of these stories, other announcements and posts may have slipped by unnoticed. These are the ones I found most intriguing, although you can see all the stories I collected on my link blog,

Upbeat stories get more traction

Consuming the news used to be a depressing affair. “Don’t they… Read More »

As Huffington Post moves against trolls, what about anonymity on intranets?

intranet anonymity
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The announcement that the Huffington Post will reject anonymous comments beginning next month has sparked debate over online anonymity. The desire to eliminate trolls from the conversation is certainly understandable. Anybody who has read comments on YouTube videos knows how anonymity can drag the discussion into the gutter. Incivility reaches new levels when there is zero accountability. Pretty much everything evil that has been done online has occurred from behind the veil of anonymity.

But I raised an eyebrow when I read Arianna Huffington declare that “Freedom of expression is given to people who stand up for… Read More »

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